Reports and Publications List

Report Published Date Locations
RAP3 Logical Framework June, 2019 Programme Documents
CONNECT Annual Report 2017 -2018 March, 2019 Progress Reports
RAP brings financial boon for women road workers February, 2019 Programme Documents
The journey to closing Nepal’s wage gap February, 2019 Programme Documents
NCELL join Hamri Didi partnership December, 2018 Press Release
Trimester Report: July - October 2018 November, 2018 Progress Reports
RAP3 Graduate Programme Guidelines November, 2018 Manuals
CONNECT Lessons presentation - sectors & support November, 2018 RAP 3 Presentations
CONNECT Lessons presentation - investment leveraged September, 2018 RAP 3 Presentations
RMG Guidelines in Nepali August, 2018 Manuals
Nepali translated version of ‘SMG Guideline’ August, 2018 Manuals
Specific Maintenance Groups (SMG) Implementation Guideline August, 2018 Manuals
Trimester Report: March - June 2018 July, 2018 Progress Reports
Annual Report – Fifth Year Results July, 2018 Progress Reports
CONNECT Annual Report 2016-2017 July, 2018 Progress Reports
Annual Review 2018 July, 2018 Progress Reports
Unilever Nepal, Bottlers Nepal, RAP3 CONNECT and Prabhu Bank collaborate to deliver training to Women Entrepreneurs May, 2018 Press Release
Progress Report on Media Campaign for Improved Interaction among Development Stakeholders in RAP3 Project District (January 2018 to March 2018) April, 2018 Progress Reports
Trimester Report: November 2017 - March 2018 April, 2018 Progress Reports
Annual Report – Fifth Year Results February, 2018 Programme Documents
Handover of Sannighat-Syuna-Sipkhana District Road - SSDR (18 km) February, 2018 Progress Reports
SSDR news published in Himal on 18th February 2018 February, 2018 External Documents
Annual Report - Third Year Results January, 2018 Programme Documents
BKB Scheduled Broadcasts January, 2018 External Documents
SSDR Handover news published in Kantipur on 31st January 2018 January, 2018 External Documents
Annual Report – Second Year Results December, 2017 Programme Documents
Trimester Report: July - October 2017 November, 2017 Progress Reports
Annual Report – First Year Results November, 2017 Programme Documents
Independent Verification of RAP: Round 2 Employment Days September 2017 September, 2017 Progress Reports
Trimester Report: March - June 2017 August, 2017 Progress Reports