Trimester Report: March - June 2018

Publish Date: 
July, 2018

This report covers the progress of RAP3 over the Third Trimester of FY 2074-75, 16th March to 15 July 2018. It provides data and information relating to progress of RAP3 over the last Trimester and plans for the next Trimester. RAP3 was on track in meeting progress and financial targets set for the trimester period mid-March to mid-July 2018 (see page below). The key successes in the last trimester include: (a) Accomplished test drives of first 17km section of substantially completed new road in Mugu; (b) GIS training to IT technicians of Rural/Municipalities of 14 programme districts and RAP3 Graduate Engineers; (c) Pilot Term Maintenance using schedule of rates in DAD and DAI and road maintenance works by Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs) in DAD, DOT, ACH, Dai and JUM completed; (d) Generated 430,371 employment days for poor households in 14 districts; (e) Equipment Based Road Works (EBRW) training in Mugu; (f) Climate resilience review of Nepal Rural Roads Standards; (g) Economic study of RAP roads; and (h) Connect leveraging from private sector in mid- and far-west.