Annual Review 2016

Publish Date: 
September, 2016

The programme continues to deliver significant results and has met most of the output targets for the year.  In  terms  of  the  Local  Road  Network  component,  the  programme  has  generated  over  3  million employment  days and  supported  over 72,000  households  improve  their  income.  The  programme  has maintained over 2,000kms of district core road network (with impressive access all year access round figures)  along  with  60KMs  of  new  road  being  opened  to  4.5m  width.  The  results  delivered  are  now independently verified using a separate MEL team. Over 13,000 training days have been carried out with the result that the Continuous Improvement Matrix (CIM) scores for districts continue to improve (over 7 out  of  a  max  of  10  in  pilot  districts).  This  provides  the  basis  by  which  the  GoN  can  take  on  the  full running and management of the RAP programme.