Progress Reports

Trimester Report: November 2013 - Februray 2014

This progress report covers activities and progress from the start of RAP3 Implementation Phase to the end of the GON second trimester on 15 March 2014. Future progress reporting will then follow the Nepali Financial Year trimesters ending 15 July, 15 November and 15 March. The report includes activities and progress, with additional information provided in annexes, but not the Karnali Employment Programme (KEP) or the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) components which are contracted to other consulting firms. 

RAP2 Project Completion Report

This Project Completion Report (Report) summarises the approach, achievements and outcomes of the Rural Access Programme – Phase 2 (RAP2) implemented in October 2008 to September 2013.

The RAP2 programme was designed along the lines of its predecessor, RAP1, as a poverty alleviation programme with road construction in mid-hill districts providing a conduit  to implement a focussed social and economic development programme with a view to improve and sustain the livelihood of the poor in rural hill districts of Nepal.

Inception Report

The IMC Proposal stated that the Inception Report would include a summary of survey designs, initial findings from the surveys and feedback from the districts, recommendations on the LogFrame indicators, provisional targets and outline P4R payment mechanisms, including provisional anticorruption measures.However the Inception Phase was planned to start in March and last 6 full months. This has now shrunk to 4.5 months, of which one month is for DFID review.