Second Stage Monitoring and Evaluation of DRCN


DDC Jumla started up the monitoring and evaluation of DRCN implemented under RAP3 in three stages by district level monitoring committee in order to track on the progress and quality of work. This process has helped to the members of district level monitoring committee to have been familiarity on work progress status on one hand and on the other hand, workers will have opportunity to put their queries upto monitoring committee through interaction and discussion at the working spot. The process has come up of with work progress stage of each activities chainagewise and rating of quality as well. It has been highly admired by all the concerning stakeholders and DDC has started up of replicating it to other projects implemented under DDC.

Field Visit SED Corridor Jumla


A SED team comprised of Rajeeva Shrestha (Social Auditor), Kushal Kumar Hamal (SEDO) of RAP3 Jumla, Maya Datta Acharya of LNGO PC, Saru Mahat of NTFP pronator with DAG group visit in SED corridor area Narakot VDCs on 4th Sep 2014. The auditor discussed with DAG group members about formation process, their exisitng activities run and further expectation from RAP3 Programme.