Radio Program Bikash Ko Bato

                                                                                                 AFN Toll Free Number:   1660-01-34567

 BKB Broadcast Stations and Timings


S.N. District Radio Name Program Day / Time MHz
1 Humla Radio Kailash SUN 7:30 AM 103.4
2 Humla Karnali Aawaz TUE 6:30 PM 94.2
3 Mugu Radio Mugu SUN 7:30 AM 107.4
4 Kanchanpur Shuklaphanta fm Sun 7:30 AM 99.4
5 Achham Radio Ramaroshan  TUE 6:30 PM 92
6 Bajura Radio Bajura SUN 7:30 AM 104
7 Bajura Radio Paurakhi TUE 7:30 AM 90.4
8 Kalikot Radio Nepali Aawaz SUN 7:30 AM 101.8
9 Kalikot Radio Naya Karnali TUE 6:00 PM 102.8
10 Jumla Radio Karnali TUE 7:00 PM 105.2
11 Jumla Radio Nari Aawaz TUE 6:30 PM 100.6
12 Doti Radio Saileshwori Sun 7:30 AM 105.9
13 Doti Radio Triveni TUE 6:30 PM 94.4
14 Achham Radio Society  Sun 7:30 AM 89
15 Dailekh Radio Dhurbatara  Mon 7:30 AM 89.8
16 Banke Radio Krishnashar WED 6:30 PM 94
17 Dadeldhura Radio Amargadhi TUE 7:30 AM 97.4

Episode: 43  Broadcast Date: 9, 10 and 11 June 2019

Issue: Public Hearing (Phase II) in Jumla, Achham and Humla


Episode: 42  Broadcast Date: 2, 3 and 4 June 2019

Issue: Misuse of budget at the local levels.


Episode: 41  Broadcast Date: 26,27 and 28 May 2019

Isuue: Dozer and irregularities


Episode: 40  Broadcast Date: 19,20 and 21 May 2019

Issue: Unscientific Random Road Construction; Challenge for Local Government


Episode: 39 Broadcast Date: 12,13 and 14 May 2019

Issue: Random road networks; challenge for local government


Episode: 38 Broadcast Date: 5, 6 and 7 May 2019

Issue: Avoiding Bias in Development.


Episode: 37 Broadcast Date: April 28,29 & 30 2019

Issue: Services and Facilities of Local Representatives


Episode: 36 Broadcast Date: April 21,22 & 23 2019

Issue: Salary of local representatives.


Episode: 35 Broadcast Date: April 14,15 & 16 2019

Issue: Increases in the price of services provided local government.


Episode: 34 Broadcast Date: April 7, 8 & 9 2019

Issue: Monitoring and Evaluation of development works

Episode: 33 Broadcast Date: 31 March, April 1 & 2 2019

Issue: Access to Information at the local levels.


Episode: 32 Broadcast Date: 24, 25 and 26 March 2019

Issue: Access to Information at the local levels.


Episode: 31 Broadcast Date: 17, 18 and 19 March 2019

Issue: Complaints management in local government.


Episode: 30 Broadcast Date: 10, 11 and 12 March 2019

Issue: Inclusiveness in planning, implementation and monitoring by local government


Episode: 29   Broadcast Date: 3, 4 and 5 March 2019

Issue: Inclusiveness in planning, implementation and monitoring by local government

Episode: 28     Broadcast Date: 24,  25, 26 February 2019

Subject: Provision and Use of Targeted Budget

Episode: 27      Broadcast Date: 17, 18 and 19 February 2019

Issue: Public Hearing discussion (Kalikot, Jumla and Dailekh)

Episode: 26     Broadcast Date: 10, 11 and 12 February 2019
Issue: Discussion of first phase of public hearings in Bajura, Humla and Achham

Episode: 25      Broadcast Date: 3, 4 and 5 February 2019
Issue: Discussion of first phase of public hearing in Dadeldhura, Mugu and Doti.


Episode: 24   Broadcast Date: 27, 28, and 29 January 2019

Issue: Changes and benefits experienced after formation of local government


Episode: 23   Broadcast Date: 20, 21, and 22 January 2019

Issue: Changes and benefits experienced after formation of local government


Episode: 22   Broadcast Date: 13, 14, and 15 January 2019

Issue: Initiation of Local government to Generate Employment Opportunities.


Episode: 21     Broadcast Date: 6, 7 and 8 January 2019

Issue: Initiation of Local government to minimize social malpractices.


Episode: 20       Broadcast Date: 30, 31 December 2018 and 1 January 2019

 Issue: Initiation of Local Government for Increase in Access of Quality Health Service.


Episode: 19       Broadcast Date: 23rd, 24th & 25th December 2018

 Issue: Efforts of Local Government to Increase Access and Quality of Education


 Episode: 18       Broadcast Date: 16th, 17th & 18th December 2018

 Issue: Initiatives of Local Governments to solve Drinking Water Problem


Episode: 17       Broadcast Date: 9th, 10th & 11th December 2018

 Issue: Internal Income of Local Government


Episode: 16       Broadcast Date: 2nd, 3rd & 4th December 2018

Issue: Changes in Tax Price by local government


Episode: 15       Broadcast Date: 25th, 26th & 27th November 2018

 Issue: Taxation rules of local government


Episode: 14       Broadcast Date: 18th & 20th November 2018

Issue: CONNECT Episode: Small Scale Loans for Ginger Farmers ,Dairy Farmers and Hamri Didis


Episode: 13       Broadcast Date: 11th & 13th November 2018

Issue: CONNECT Episode: Crop and Livestock Insurance in Doti and Dailekh


Episode: 12       Broadcast Date: 4th & 6th November 2018

Issue: CONNECT Episode: Future Entrepreneurs' Club (FEC) Narayan Campus, Dailekh


Episode: 11       Broadcast Date: 28th & 30th October 2018

Issue: CONNECT Episode: CONNECT's Advocacy for Minimum 33% Reserved Seats for Women in DCCI's Executive Committee


Episode: 10       Broadcast Date: 21st and 23rd October 2018

Issue: CONNECT Episode: KUSOM students in Achham and Dailekh for Rural Entrepreneur Service


 Episode: 09       Broadcast Date: 14th October 2018

Issue: Good Efforts for Safer Road and Travel


Episode: 08       Broadcast Date: 07th October 2018

Issue: Constructing and maintaining safe roads by RAP3


Episode: 07       Broadcast Date: 30th September 2018

Issue: Workers Safety (with reference to RAP3)


Episode: 06       Broadcast Date: 23rd September 2018

Issue: Condition of road constructed by local government last year


Episode: 05       Broadcast Date: 16th September 2018

Issue: Road Safety - Situation of road these days and things to be careful about


Episode: 04       Broadcast Date: 9th September 2018

Issue: Budget plans of local governments and their major programs in this fiscal year


Episode: 03       Broadcast Date: 2nd September 2018

Issue: Budget plan of local government and the major programs in this fiscal year


Episode: 02       Broadcast Date: 26th August 2018

Issue: Budget plans of local governments and major programs for this fiscal year


 Episode: 01       Broadcast Date: 19th August 2018

Issue: Preparedness of local government for disaster risk prevention


Episode: 54       Broadcast Date: 12th August 2018

Issue: Audience feedback on important issues to be discussed in BKB


Episode: 53       Broadcast Date: 5th August 2018

Issue: Impact Story and feedback of BKB


 Episode: 52       Broadcast Date: 29th July 2018

Issue: Role of media in development including the experience of Bikash ko Bato reporters.


Episode: 51       Broadcast Date: 22nd July 2018

Issue: Role of media in development including the experience of Bikash ko Bato reporters.


  Episode: 50       Broadcast Date: 15th July 2018

Issue: Identification and selection of developmental projects by province government.


 Episode: 49        Broadcast Date: 8th July 2018

Issue: Functional Coordination between local and provincial government.


 Episode: 48        Broadcast Date: 1st July 2018

Issue: Work/Challenges/Problems of local government in their fisrt year.


Episode: 47     Broadcast Date: 24th June 2018

Issue: What have female Dalit members done to uplift Dalit females and the Dalit community in their wards?


Episode: 46     Broadcast Date: 17th June 2018

Issue:What have local level members elected through female reserved seats been able to achieve to uplift females in their wards?


Episode: 45     Broadcast Date: 10th June 2018

Issue:How 3 member judicial committee of local government is working? What are their challenges?


Episode: 44     Broadcast Date: 3rd June 2018

Issue:Importance of scientific and environment friendly road construction and local level's concern about it.


Episode: 43     Broadcast Date: 25th May 2018

Issue: What did local level do in one year? Are locals voters satisfied?


Episode: 42     Broadcast Date: 18th May 2018

Issue: Local Development Planning cycle of local government for new fiscal year. How public role is ensured while making plans and separating budget for those plans?


Episode: 41     Broadcast Date: 11th May 2018

Issue: Problems in Hydropower projects


Episode: 40     Broadcast Date: 4th May 2018

Issue: Development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT for local government)


Episode: 39     Broadcast Date: 29 th April 2018

Issue:  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its benefits to women and girls


Episode: 38     Broadcast Date: 22 nd April 2018

Issue: Employment opportunities created by RAP3; how the opportunities have changed the lifestyle of locals


Episode: 37     Broadcast Date: 15th April 2018

Issue: Raskot Road Opening


Episode: 36     Broadcast Date: 8th April 2018

Issue: Returned Migrant Workers and Stories of their Startups


Episode: 35    Broadcast Date: 1st  April 2018

Issue: Local entrepreneurship creating job opportunities and using local raw materials

 Episode: 34    Broadcast Date: 25th March 2018

Issue: Local Government plan to motivate local entrepreneurs


Episode: 33     Broadcast Date: 18th March 2018

Issue: Female entrepreneurs

Episode: 32     Broadcast Date: 11th March 2018

Issue:Struggle and success stories of empowered women awarded by RAP3 on the occasion of International Women's Day 2018

Episode: 31     Broadcast Date: 4th March 2018

Issue: Provincial Government; what it does, what are elected MP doing?


Episode: 30     Broadcast Date: 25th February 2018

Issue: Expectations and complaint mechanism for local government


Episode: 29     Broadcast Date: 18th February 2018

Issue: Post Election Management (Updates and Procedures of Budget and Paln Selection by Local Government)


Episode: 28     Broadcast Date: 11th February 2018

Issue: Impact Story and Feedback Collection of BKB


Episode: 27     Broadcast Date: 4th February 2018

Issue: RAP3 CONNECT's Future Entrepreneurs' Clubs

Episode:26     Broadcast Date: 28th January 2018

Issue: Livestock insurance and it's benefit to farmers

Episode:25     Broadcast Date: 21th January 2018

Issue: Hamri Didi

Episode: 24     Broadcast Date: 14th January 2018

Issue: Role of DCCI and RAP3 CONNECT to encourage business women

Episode: 23     Broadcast Date: 7th January 2018

Issue: Youth Self-employment


अाजकाे विकासकाे बाटाेमा अन्जानमा हुने दुर्घटना र सुरक्षाका बारेमा कुराकानी समेटेका छाैं । 

47- Bikash Ko Bato

 जंगली जनावर अनि घरमै पालिएका जनावरले टोकेर भएका घटना अनि यस्ता घटनाका सुरक्षाका बारे आजको विकासको बाटोमा कुराकानी गर्दैछौं ।

46- Bikash Ko Bato

अाज पनि हामी वरपर हुने दुर्घटना र सुरक्षाकाे बारेमा कुराकानी गर्दैछाैं । 

 45- Bikash Ko Bato

आगोलागीबाट हुने घटना बेला बेलामा हाम्रो घर, टोल, नजिकमा भइरहेको हुन्छ । यस्ता घटना हुन नदिन के गर्न सकिन्छ ? आजको विकासको बाटोमा यही सेरोफेरोमा कुराकानी गर्दैछौं ।

44- Bikash Ko Bato

हामीले गर्ने काममा काटिने सम्भावना धेरै हुन्छ । काटिएर लाग्ने घाउ र काटिनबाट जाेगिन अनि उपचारकाे बारे कुराकानी गरेका छाैं । 

43- Bikash Ko Bato

कहिले जानीजानी, कहिले नजारेर वा कहिले वास्ता नगरेर घर वरपर नै हुने दुर्घटनाले कहिलेकाँही मृत्युको मुखसम्म पनि पुर्याएका घटना हाम्रै घरगाउँमा छन् । यी मध्ये खोला, नहर, इनार अथवा साना साना पोखरीमा डुबेर पनि धेरै जनाको मृत्यु हुने गरेको छ । आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामी डुबेर हुने मृत्यु अनि सुरक्षाकाबारे छलफल गर्छौ ।

42- Bikash Ko Batoसुरक्षा उपाय बारे ज्ञान पनि नहुँदा सडक खन्दाखन्दै कति कामदारले ज्यान गुमाएका छन् ।  कतिले

अपाङ्ग हुनु परेको छ । काम गर्दागर्दै हुने दुर्घटनाबाट बच्न के गर्ने, कसरी सुरक्षित हुने त ? आजको बिकासको बाटोमा छलफल गर्छौं ।

41- Bikash Ko Bato

सर्प अथवा अरु विषालु किरा फट्यांग्राले टोक्ने, तरकारी भनेर विषालु जंगली सागसब्जी खाने, बारीमा हाल्ने मल, किटनाशक औषधी, अथवा अरु केमिकल खाइने । जानेर, नजानेर दैनिक यस्ता घटना परिरहन्छन् । यस्ता घटनाबाट बच्न के गर्न सकिन्छ ?आजको विकासको बाटोमा यही विषय समेटिएको छ । 

40- Bikash Ko Bato

अबका केही अंक हामी दुर्घटना अनि होसियारीका बारे कुराकानी गर्छौं । आज लडेर हुने दुर्घटनाका बारे कुरा गर्दैछाैं ।

39- Bikash Ko Bato

दैनिक घरभान्सामा काम गर्ने, विकास निर्माणमा लाग्ने कामदार र छेउछाउका बासिन्दा कति सुरक्षित छन्  त ? यिनलार्इ सुरक्षित बनाउन हामी के गर्न सक्छाैं ? भन्ने विषय समेटेका छाैं । 

38- Bikash Ko Bat

अनेक कारणले विद्यालय बन्द गरिदाँ यसले पढाइमा पारेको प्रभाव बारे आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामी छलफल गर्दैछौं ।

37- Bikash Ko Bato

 36- Bikash Ko Bato

२०७४ वैशाख ३१ गते स्थानीय चुनाव हुँदैछ । कस्ता छन् त उमेद्वारले बाेकेका गाउँ, जिल्ला विकासका एजेण्डा ? र, ६ नं. प्रदेशका हुम्ला, जुम्ला, कालिकाेट अनि मुगुका सर्वसाधारणका अपेक्षाका विषय समेटेका छाैं । 

35- Bikash Ko Bato

 गाउँमा माेटरबाटाे र माेटरले ल्याएकाे विकासका कथा समेटिएका छन् ।

34- Bikash Ko Bato

 अाजकाे विकासकाे बाटाेमा विकासकाे याेजनामा भ्रष्टचार र बजेटकाे दुरूपयाेग समेटेका छाैं । 

33- Bikash Ko Bato

 अाजकाे कार्यक्रममा युवा केन्द्रित याेजना अनि युवाकाे अपेक्षाकाे कुरा समेटेका छाैं ।

32- Bikash Ko Bato

विकासकानाममाभएका ठगी, नियमविपरीत भएकाकामले पारेको अप्ठ्यारा तपाईंले पनिहामीलाई भन्ने गर्नु भएको छ । 

31- Bikash Ko Batoअसल व्यवस्थापनले राम्राे भएकाे अछाम जिल्ला अस्पतलकाे परिवर्तन, महिला गाविस सचिव हुँदा सजिलाे भएकाे डाेटीकाे कथा र जुम्लाका अामा समूहले गरेका काम समेटेका छाैं । 

30- Bikash Ko Bato

अाजकाे विकासकाे बाटाेमा हामीले अाफ्ना लागि अाफै अाय अार्जनका बाटाे पैल्याएका गाउँलेका कथा समेटेका छाैं ।

29- Bikash Ko Bato

अाजको विकासकाो बाटोमा अाफ्ना लागि अाफैं रोजगारीको बाटाो खाेजेका स्वराेजगार महिलासंग कुराकानी गरेका छाैं ।

28- Bikash Ko Bato

 आजको विकासको बाटोमा अाइडिया स्टुडियाेकाे तेस्रो चरणकाे कार्यक्रमबाट छानिएका उद्यमीका कथा सुनाउँदै छौं ।

27- Bikash Ko Bato

अाजकाे कार्यक्रममा महिला उद्ययमीहरू समेटिएका छन् ।

26- Bikash Ko Bato

 अाजकाे कार्यक्रममा महिला उद्ययमीहरू समेटिएका छन् ।

25- Bikash Ko Bato

गाउँमा सडक बन्दा वा बिकासका अरु काम हुँदा कत्तिको सुरक्षित तरिकाले गरिन्छ ? त्यहाँ कामगर्ने कामदार, छेउछाउका बासिन्दा कति सुरक्षित छन् ?आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामी केलाउँदै छौं ।

24- Bikash Ko Bato

आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामीले सरकारी नीति नियमले नछोएका सर्वसाधारणका कथा समेटेका छौं ।

23- Bikash Ko Bato

 आजको विकासको बाटोमा सरकारको बाटो हेर्न छाडेर आफैं विकास ल्याउन लागि परिरहेकाहरुको कथा ल्याएका छौं ।

22- Bikash Ko Bato

 जको विकासको बाटोमा हामी सडकले जीवन परिवर्तन गरेकाहरुको कथा सुनाउँछौं ।

21- Bikash Ko Bato


हाम्रा विकासका योजना कसरी छानिन्छन् ?गाउँमा आएका विकास योजना र तिनका स्थितिका बारे आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामी छलफल गछौं ।

20- Bikash Ko Bato


अहिले गाउँ गाउँमा स्कूल क्याम्पस त खुलेका छन् तर पढाइका समस्या घटेका छैनन् । अाज हामी हाम्राे शिक्षा प्रणालीमा देखिएका समस्याका केही पाटा खाेतल्दैछाैं ।

19- Bikash Ko Bato


यतिका वर्षदेखिको हाम्रो लगानीको उपलब्धी कस्तो रह्यो ? हामी स्वास्थ्यको सेवाको विकासमा कहाँपुग्यौं ?आजको विकासको बाटोमा छलफल गर्दैछौं ।

18- Bikash Ko Bato


आजको विकासको बाटोमा प्राकृतिक प्रकोपले किसानलाई दिएको दुःख समेटेका छौं । संगै किसानका सफलताका कथा पनि छ ।

17- Bikash Ko Bato


आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामी अलिकति ध्यान नपुर्याउनाले विकासमा आएका ठूला समस्याका बारे छलफल गर्दैछौं ।

16- Bikash Ko Bato


हाम्रो गाउँ ठाउँ बनाउन तपाईंले चाहिं के गर्नु भएको छ ? सरकारसँग हातेमालो गरेर पनि काम भएका होलान् ।  सरकार र नागरिक तहबाट गाउँ विकासका लागि गरिएका साना साना प्रयासले गाउँमा आएका परिवर्तनका कथा आजको विकासको बाटोमा ।

15- Bikash Ko Bato


महिला र पुरुष बीच समान व्यवहार नगरिदाँ हाम्रा महिला पछाडी परेका हुन् भन्ने कुरा चल्छ । जुन कुरा सत्य पनि हो । तर यो व्यवहार बराबर हुनुपर्छ भनेर कार्यक्रम पनि त भै रहेका छन् । के परिवर्तन आयो त ? आजको विकासको बाटोमा यही सेरोफेरोमा छलफल गर्दैछौं ।

14- Bikash Ko Bato


नागरिकको स्वास्थ्यका लागि भनेर सरकारले वर्षेनी देशैभरि करोडौं रुपैंया खर्च गर्छ । सरकारको खर्च सही ठाउँमा सदुपयोग भएका छन् त ?आजको विकासको बाटोमा छलफल  गर्दैछौं ।

13- Bikash Ko Bato


अाजकाे कार्यक्रममा विकासकाे काममा किन ढिलासुस्ती हुन्छ भन्ने विषय समेटेका छाैं । 

12- Bikash Ko Bato


निर्वाचन क्षेत्र पूर्वाधार विकास कार्यक्रम र सांसद विकासकाेषका नाममा जाने पैसा कति सदुपयाेग भएका छन् ?

11- Bikash Ko Bato


आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामीले हाम्रा गाउँमा बाटो पुर्याउन कस्ता समस्या छन्, छलफल गर्दैछौंं ।

10- Bikash Ko Bato


आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामी हाम्रा गाउँका स्वास्थ्य सुविधा कत्तिको प्रभावकारी छन्, स्वास्थ्य सेवामा के के सुधार भए, कस्ता समस्या छन्, छलफल गर्दैछौं ।

09- Bikash Ko Bato


ठाउँ विकास भएसँगै अाफुलार्इ पनि विकास गर्दै गरेका महिलाकाे कुरा समेटेका छाैं । 

08- Bikash Ko Bato


आजको विकासको बाटोमा हामी आफ्नै पहलमा गाउँलाई विकासको बाटोतिर डोर्याउन लागिपरेकाहरुको कथा सुनाउँदैछौं ।

07- Bikash Ko Bato


हामीमा जति विकास हुनु पर्न ेत्यति भैरहेको छैन । गाउँमा विकास निर्माणका काममा महिला पुरुष बराबरी सहभागी छैनन् । आजको विकासको बाटोमा यस्तै चलनले विकास रोकेको कथा छ । अनि त्यस्ता विकास रोक्ने चलनलाई उखेलेर फ्याँक्ने साहसीहरुको पनि कथा छ ।

06- Bikash Ko Bato


चाडबाडका बेला घर आउ जाउ गर्न यातायातका समस्या के कस्ता छन् ?

05- Bikash Ko Bato


आजको बिकासको बाटोमा हामी बाटोले गाउँ भित्र्याएका परिवर्तनका कथा लिएर अाएकाछौं ।

04- Bikash Ko Bato


बाटो पुगेका ठाउँमा बिकास पनि सँगसँगै पुग्छ । आजको बिकासको बाटोमा हामी बाटोले गाउँ भित्र्याएका परिवर्तनका कथा लिएर अाएकाछौं ।

03- Bikash Ko Bato


गाउँगाउँ पुगेका विकासका पैसामा कसरी अनियमितता भैरहेका छन्,आजको विकासको बाटोमा  सुनाउँदैछौं ।

02- Bikash Ko Bato


01- Bikash Ko Bato