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RMGs management handover to Municipalities, Jumla


DTA Jumla successfully conducted RMGs management handover training to Technical Focal Persons (TFP) of Municipalities/Rural Municipalities on 18th and 19th of August 2018. Out of 8 local bodies of Jumla, 7 TFPs from 7 local bodies participated in the training. The program was chaired by DCC Vice-Chairman Mr. Karma Buda. RAP3 RTL Rajendra Kumar Shrestha delivered a short welcome speech along with a clarification of the objectives of the training. DCO of DCC, Hari Prasad Ghimire presented his best wishes to the participants. After the introduction of every participants, the opening session was closed by DCC vice-chairman where he briefly clarified the importance of RMGs. The main objective of the training was to make the Technical Focal Person aware of the importance of RMGs, its approach, principles and fundamentals, working modality, guidelines and detailed operation and work evaluation and bill preparation.