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Joint Field visit (NCCSP, RAP3 & Palika) in Jumla


NCCSP organized a joint field visit on 18th and 19th November for verification of the site conditions for proposed schemes.  There are five schemes including two water supply, two river training and one rehabilitation of an irrigation canal. Joint field visits were accompanied by GE and IOW from RAP3, NCCSP team and the Sub-Engineer of Kankasunadari Rural-Municipality. The team visited one of the sites at Bota village for rehabilitation of irrigation canal. The next two schemes were river embankment raising. The estimate of costs will be prepared by Palika technicians and reviewed by the DTA team after submission to NCCSP. DTA team will review the design of river training works and rehabilitation of the irrigation canal. Construction work is likely to be started from the first week of January 2019.