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Farewell to Intern Engineer, Jumla


RAP3 Jumla DTA has said farewell to Intern engineer, Utsav Thapa who has been working as an Intern engineer since May 2018. Since 2014, RAP3 has been providing young Nepali engineers with the opportunity to gain work experience in the professional development. The duration of internship is 6 months. Utsav arrived in Jumla on August 2018 from MHLR, Mugu as part of the midterm internship rotation. He has been assisting district staff in various technical and non-technical works since he arrived. After completion of 6 months internship, the 8th batch of interns have been called to TMO, Kathmandu for debriefing which happened on 19th November 2018. The Jumla team wish him a successful future.