Kinesiology Physiotherapy team at RAP3 office for ergonomic assessment on MHLR staff
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Feb, 2019

A Kinesiology Physiotherapy team, Dinesh Prasad Chataul-Physiotherapist along with his two Belgian interns were at RAP3 office for ergonomic assessment and intervention of MHLR team on 19th February, 2019. The Kinesiology Physiotherapy team conducted ergonomic assessment on individual MHLR staffs’ efficiency and focused on improving workspaces to minimize risk of injury and harm. The physiotherapists started their session with diagnosing individual staffs’ problems, explained the condition of body posture, commented on suitable and unsuitable furniture use for staff, and provided recommendations accordingly.  The physiotherapy team conducted an hour presentation after the day long assessment and briefed about body movement patterns and body posture with demonstrations on passive sitting and active sitting, suitable furniture for placing electronic instruments like laptops and keyboards as well as suitable chairs to get rid of common injuries like lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, wrist pain and others. Kinesiology Physiotherapy is the first private physiotherapy practice in Nepal. MHLR team is thankful to the physiotherapy team for sharing their knowledge with us using the latest in evidence-based assessment and treatment methods. MHLR working environment will be modified as prescribed regarding equipment and assistive technology and our team is excited to start micro break exercises during tea time. MHLR team believes that happy and healthy employees lead to productive work and good performance.  

House of our RBG, Mosi Kami burnt down in Luma village of Mugu
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Feb, 2019

It was with great sadness we learnt that the house belonging to one of our RBG members, Mosi Kami caught fire on February 2019 after his mobile phone exploded while charging. The fire then spread and gutted his house and the house of his neighbor, Danta lal Kami, also had to be pulled down to prevent the fire spreading. The fire was thankfully doused before it spread to any other surrounding houses. The fire destroyed Mosi’s food products, gold and cash of worth Rs. 40,000 which he had earned from road construction. Additionally, the fire has also claimed the lives of some of his cattle. Mosi was not financially able to reconstruct his house immediately and so the RAP3 MHLR team has decided to support by providing free labour through RBGs to rebuild Mosi’s house and repair Danta’s house. The community has provided supplies like wood, roof materials and other resources that are needed in house construction.

Second phase MHLR EBRW pilot to be launched on March 2019
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Feb, 2019

After the successful completion of the first phase of Equipment Based Road Works (EBRW) Pilot for MHLR (April 2018 to February 2019), MHLR is launching a second phase of the EBRW pilot from March 2019. The notice for a second phase application to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) for excavator supplies was published on RAP website as well as broadcasted on Local FM on 5th February 2018. The Pre-EOI meeting was conducted in the MHLR field project office at Gamghadi Mugu where 12 suppliers attended the meeting. EOI submission process, requirement of mandatory documents, selection criteria and other required information were briefed in the meeting. Suman Khatri, Finance and Admin Manager and Sunil Tandukar, Site Manager facilitated the meeting and clarified the queries raised by suppliers. The meeting seemed to be helpful for those suppliers who were applying for the first time. RAP3 has set certain criteria for selection process and based on the criteria, suppliers will be selected on merit basis.

Bikash Ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Feb, 2019

Episode Number: 28

Broadcast Date: January 24th 25th and 26th 2019

Subject: Provision and Use of Targeted Budget

Episode 28 of Bikash Ko Bato (BKB) discusses the provision and use of targeted budget by local government for target groups. Target groups are socially and economically disadvantaged groups and communities and include women, children, indigenous nationalities, dalits, elder citizens, person with physical disabilities and marginalized groups. Targeted groups are defined in the 'Local Level Operation Act 2074. The law also states that a majority of each targeted group must participate in project planning. Similarly, the Constitution of Nepal 2072 in article 18 states "all citizens shall be equal before law and no person shall be denied the equal protection of law." Local government has power to allocate budget for target groups as per the need. Hence, the local government plans and executes programmes and interventions for the targeted group(s) to improve their livelihoods and economic status.

The radio programme starts with a voxpop, where the locals of Doti district share their views about the use of targeted budget in their area. Some of the locals know well about the budget whereas others are not aware. There is a report from Dadeldhura district, which highlights the various capacity building training and skill generating programmes delivered for targeted groups. The Report also includes the commitments of local representatives to forbid the misuse of targeted budget. Finally there is an interview with the Chairperson of Soru Rural Municipality, Mugu district that explains the budget allocation, plans and actions concerning targeted groups.

RMGs Mobilisation in Sindhupalchowk
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Feb, 2019

With the initiation of Infrastructure Development Office (IDO), Sindhupalchowk and RAP3 TMO ‘helpdesk’ support, RAP RMGs were remobilized in DRCNs of Sindhupalchowk from February 2019. The routine and recurrent maintenance work of the district roads was halted from mid July 2018 due to logistics of the budget authority which was finally assigned to IDO under Provincial Government. IDO, Sindhupalchowk appointed Mr. Ram Singh Bohora (Ex-RAP3 SAME) to look after RMGs which eased the remobilization of RMGs. Further, AE Janak Kharel from RAP TMO ‘helpdesk’ visited the district to support orientation to IDO about RMGs implementation and finalization of estimate, contract documents, etc. All RMGs are now remobilized in their respective road section.

Handover of SDDR Road to Chankheli RM in Humla
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Feb, 2019

With 14.5 km of Salisalla Darma District Road under RAP3 in Humla substantially completed, a handover ceremony to Chankheli RM was held on 21st February, 2019 at Piplang. The handover was attended by Mr. Dhana Lal Chaulagain Chairperson of Chankheli Rural Municipality, Chief Guest Laxmi Buda Aidi DCC member Humla and Chief of Health post Kali Bahadur. Also in attendance were Ward chairpersons, representatives of political parties, LRCCs, LRUCs and other stakeholders, who gave speeches thanking the RAP3 programme and the local team. Bishnu Prasad Kharel, DTL presented the handover certificate, design drawings, IEE, and completion report to the Chairperson Dhan Lal Chaulagain who thanked DFID and the RAP3 team for timely completion. In return he presented certificates of appreciation to the RAP team and DFID Nepal.

Joint monitoring visit of SDDR Road in Humla
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Feb, 2019

A joint monitoring field visit by RAP3 along the whole length of Salisalla Darma District Road DRCN was done on 20th February 2019. The visit was organized by DTA Humla and accompanied by Mr. Dhana Lal Chaulagain Chairperson of Chankheli Rural Municipality, Chief Guest Laxmi Buda Aidi DCC member, Humla, ward chairpersons, engineer Mr. Kushal Chaulagain of the rural municipality, LRCC, LRUC, DTL Bishnu Prasad Kharel and OM Padam Bahadur Bayak from RAP3. The main purpose of visit was to confirm the condition of the road before handover. DTL Bishnu Prasad Kharel and OM Padam Bahadur Bayak accompanied the team. The team was very much impressed by RAP3 work and expressed their eagerness to take over the road.

Handover of Maure-Kailashmandu and Maure-Toli-Chhatara district roads, Bajura news on Avenues TV
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Feb, 2019
Road constructed under UK govt programme handed over
by: RAP 3      on: 21st Feb, 2019

Himalayan Times, February 19, 2019













BAJURA: The Maure-Kailashmandu and Maure-Toli-Chhatara road sections — constructed under the United Kingdom’s Rural Access Programme (RAP) in Triveni Municipality of Bajura district — were handed over to the local government at an event organised here on Monday.


Construction of the 29.68-kilometre road project that began from January 2014, under the management of IMC Worldwide Ltd appointed by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), was completed at the cost of around Rs 605.6 million, informed RAP District Team Leader Ramesh Neupane.


After completion of the project, all wards of the municipality have access to the road, said Triveni Municipality mayor Ram S Rawal.


Former State Minister Janak Raj Giri, former member of the constituent assembly Maha Nepal, District Coordination Committee chairperson Narendra Rokaya, Triveni Municipality mayor Ram S Rawal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration representative Lilaraj Kafle, Simon Lucas from DFID and Michael Green from RAP among others, were present in the road handover programme yesterday.


The project had employed locals of the municipality for the construction, which supported them in earning a total of Rs 507 million in wages over the whole duration of the project.


Preference was given to the underprivileged and marginalised communities with 44 per cent of them being women during the road project, according to municipality Deputy Mayor Radhika Sunar.

DFID Surkhet Visit
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Feb, 2019

On 20th February 2019, DFID Nepal team led by Simon Lucas along with Suman Baidya, Smita Shrestha Bajracharya and Surya Rana visited Karnali Province headquarter Surkhet and made a courtesy visit to Honorable Social Minister, Dala Rawal and Honorable Infrastructure Development Minister, Khadka Bahadur Khatri, to discuss about DFID funded RAP 3 and their support to the Province and Palikas. At a meeting held in the Minister's chambers, Simon Lucas briefed about DFID strategy to launch maintenance piloting for next one year on the verge of RAP3 exit and asked necessary support from province and local levels. Simon Lucas also briefed about the preparation of Provincial Transport Master Plan (PTMP) through RAP3. Ministers from their side made a commitment to support upcoming activities and asked DFID to support Karnali Province by giving top priority. DFID team also visited the newly established RAP3 IDO office and held a meeting with IDO chief Kamal Adhikari and RAP3 Cluster Engineer Damodar Khanal.