Bikash Ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 28th Dec, 2018

Program: Bikash ko Bato


Episode: 18/20     Broadcast Date: 30, 31 December 2018 and 1 January 2019


Issue: Initiation of Local Government for Increase in Access of Quality Health Service.


In this episode, Bikash ko Bato discusses about the initiations of local government to increase access of locals in quality health service. The current constitution has included basic health care services of citizen as their fundamental Right. Annex 8 of same constitution has given health and sanitation related rights to local government. And the poor health and poor access to health care in the past system has forced people to seek quality health facilities from local government and they are much hopeful about it. So focusing on this hope, program will discuss about the good efforts and programs conducted by some local government of our targeted districts.


Road Safety and Climate Resilient Audit
by: RAP 3      on: 28th Dec, 2018

RAP3 Mugu has been constructing of Gamgadhi-Dhaina-Dhulachaur district road of length (22.75 km; 3.1 Km Improvement and 19.65 Km new construction) since Mar 2014. Construction has been almost completed now. The entire road lengths have vehicle passable and vehicles are pliable regularly since mid of September 2018. RAP conducts a road safety and climate resilient audit to examine various safety aspects of the road before it is opened to traffic. The purpose of the audit is to detect potential road safety hazards to all road users (including pedestrians, passengers and drivers), resulting from the defects in road environment such as poor geometric features, absence of and/or inadequate signage, dangerous obstacles. A team consisting of Mitra Shrestha (LRN maintenance coordinator), Mohan Ruwali (DTL), and concerns IoWs/STSs performed safety and climate resilient audits from 25 to 26 Dec 2018 by driving a Jeep throughout the entire alignment.  Various safety related aspects of the roads were observed and possible areas of safety hazards were identified, primarily based on the safety checklists developed by DoR. The team shall produce a report with recommendations for remedying the defects identified during the audit.

External Financial Audit of RAP 3 Bajura
by: RAP 3      on: 28th Dec, 2018

The external financial audit of Bajura DTA conducted as per planned schedule on 12-14 December 2018 by Mr. Sagar Bahadur Acharya and Mr. Sushil Parajuli from TR Upadhaya and Co. accompanied by RAP 3 TMO Senior Accounts Manager Mr. Purushotam Sharma. Financial audit covered period from July 2017 to mid-December 2018. The audit team carried out programme expenditure verification audit (payment vouchers, bills, receipts, contracts, RBGs/SBGs bills/measurement sheet/attendance/payrolls) along with logbooks, asset/non-asset inventory and construction tools/materials inventory.

LRUCs Level Public Audit at MK, MTC and MKE of Bajura
by: RAP 3      on: 28th Dec, 2018

RAP3 DTA Bajura successfully organized LRUCs level Public Audit on 20-21 December 2018 of Maure-Kailashmandu (MK) District Road, Maure-Kailashmandu Entry Section (MKE) and Maure-Toli-Chhatara (MTC) district road. The public audit carried out for payment period from April-November 2018 along with till date LRUCs payments status, saving status and safeguard status. The main objective of the public audit was to ensure LRUCs payment has been made as per RAP3 guidelines and transparency has been maintained among the RBGs/SBGs group members. The programme attended by 218 participants from MK road and 288 participants from MTC/MKE road along with political parties representatives, municipality representative, representative of government/non-government stakeholders and other beneficiaries. The chief guest and other spoke person appreciated and thanks to RAP 3 for successful implementation of the project.

GSKDR survey works completed
by: RAP 3      on: 28th Dec, 2018

RAP3 DTA Shreenagar, Humla has successfully completed the total station survey over 12.200 km of Galphaghad-Shreenagar-Kalika District Road corridor. The survey works was carried out from 18th December to 24th December. GEs, Nabin Khatri and Binod Yadav were involved in the handling of machine and IoW, STSs supported them during the survey works. The main purpose of the survey was to take details of road for preparation of final drawing of the completed GSKDR corridor. Various features such as cross-sections at every 200m on longitudinal run, cross-sections at every kholsi’s and loops (at every 5m interval), road edges and center lines at every 20m interval longitudinally, spot heights, drains, houses and other important features lying within the 15m of L/R of center line were recorded. As the survey work is completed, as built drawing will be prepared by Graduate Engineer.

Farewell to outgoing staff of Bajura
by: RAP 3      on: 28th Dec, 2018

As a part of RAP 3 exit plan, Bajura DTA bid farewell to outgoing staff SDO-Indra Prasad Adhikari, GE-Manish Regmi (Transferred to MHLR), STSs (Bharat Bogati, Birendra Kumar Yadav, Chandra Kumar Rai, Ishwar Raj Jaishi), OA-Nirmala Giri, SKs (Madan Raj Bharati, Ujwal Saud), and WBMs (Chhatra Bahadur Thapa and Yub Raj Budha) on 26th December 2018. Their contributions for the successful implementation of the project activities were highly appreciative. Bajura DTA like to express sincere thanks and wish them all the best for future endeavours.

TMO visit to MHLR corridor
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Dec, 2018

After officially start-up of Mugu Humla Link Road, TMO team lead by Team leader Kirsteen Merrilees, Field Project Manager Bishnu Ram Bista, Finance and Administrative Manager Suman Khatri, Supply Chain Manager Chen Pathmanathan and Graduate Engineer Balkrishna Dahal visited MHLR corridor. This visit was aimed for backstopping and progress monitoring of MHLR different activities, office setup at Mugu (Gumgadhi) as well as to inspect the site office at Bama. The team visited and monitored all the activities along the corridor minutely and issued lots of necessary instructions to the field team on the spot by TL herself. During this visit, staff meeting was also conducted at site for sharing the progress of project as well as field issue raised by the team and RBGs Sahajkartas. Based on it TL  has given some instructions, suggestions and comments to the team that could be minimized or managed in coming days. Team also conducted meeting with the owners or representatives of excavator suppliers at Gumgadhi office for mutual sharing of experiences that both RAP as well as suppliers for this EBRW pilot phase which might work as milestone feedback for future implementation of the project using equipment.

Remobilization of RMGs through IDO
by: RAP 3      on: 24th Dec, 2018

Following the agreement held at Silghadi,Doti between Infrastructure Development Office (IDO) and RMGs on 21st December 2018, all RMGs are asked to continue work from 21st Dec 2018 from IDO chief, Mr. Ram Chandra Khatri. The contract signed between RMGs and IDO have the following main points:

a)    Their work to continue till Asad 2076 starting from Poush 2075.

b)    Details of cost are included in the contract.

c)    Regarding their work, RMGs to consult IDO.

Before signing the contract, Mr. Khatri talked about their work, billing, payment, insurance and tools and equipment for their work. He also told the groups that he is constantly trying to make the payments for the previous few months and he is waiting for a decision from DoLI. Also, Mr. Khatri asked RMGs to put in their best effort like they have done in the past years. He is also eager to learn from the upcoming graduate engineer who is to be placed at Infrastructure Development Office (IDO), Dadeldhura.

Farewell to Regional Team Leader
by: RAP 3      on: 24th Dec, 2018

As a part of RAP 3 wind down, Dadeldhura DTA bid farewell to the Regional Team Leader Krishna Sharan Dhungana on 20th December 2018. Mr. Dhungana had served RAP 3 from the very beginning and was assigned as regional team leader in April 2017 to look upon Dadeldhura, Doti and Achham. His contribution for the implementation of the project activities in the district was highly appreciative as he played very supportive and motivating mentoring roles towards the graduate/assistant engineer leading the district. We would like to express sincere thanks to him for his diligent efforts in making RAP3 a success and we wish him all the best for his all future endeavors.

Bikash Ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 21st Dec, 2018

Program: Bikash ko Bato


Episode: 18/19                                       Broadcast Date: 23, 24, 25 December 2018


Issue: Efforts of Local Government to Increase Access and Quality of Education


In this episode, Bikash ko Bato discusses about the efforts done by local government to increase access and quality of education in their area. Education is one of the fundamental infrastructures of development. To some extent, Nepal seem to be backward in this matter and been failing  to provide quality education all over the country. Nepal Census 2011 also says only 65.9% people out of the total population are  literate. With the federal governing system in Nepal, local government has been provided with rights related to education too. And this has increased the locals hope for local government about increase in their access to quality education.  This episode will discuss about some exemplary plans and actions of local government for the improvement in quality education .