Bikash Ko bato
by: RAP 3      on: 31st Aug, 2018

Episode:18/03                                    Broadcast Date: 2nd September 2018

Issue: Budget plan of local government and the major programs in this fiscal year

Lately we have had discussions about the budget plans of local governments. Since last year local governments are allocated a budget and they have right to invest it in the most important programs of their area. Local government makes its plans after conducting municipal assemblies in their areas. In this week's Bikash ko Bato we will discuss the budgets and programs of local governments in Kalikot and Jumla DCCs to inform local citizens about their budgets the issues that were considered while prioritizing their programs.



RCS/ARAMP Orientation to Local Levels
by: RAP 3      on: 31st Aug, 2018

On 29 Aug 2018, RAP DTA provided orientation training on Rapid Condition Surveys (RCS) and preparation of Annual Road Asset Management Plans (ARAMP) to the technical persons of the local levels of Dadeldhura district. Altogether 22 participants, comprising Engineers and Sub-engineers of all seven R/Municipalities participated in the orientation training in which the training modules were delivered by Mahendra Shrestha (District Coordinator), Krishna Sharan Dhungana (Regional Team Leader) & Janak Kharel (Asst. Engineer). The training modules contained the basic principle of road asset management, various maintenance requirements, ARAMP guidelines, RCS methodology including a practical session on the use of the excel template for ARAMP preparation. The program was formally chaired by DCC Chairperson Mr. Ganesh Raj Bhatta who finally concluded the event with expectation of the implementation of ARAMP principles by local bodies and vote of thanks to all participants and organizer.

Doti DCCI encourages membership of women business owners
by: RAP 3      on: 30th Aug, 2018

RAP 3 CONNECT is working with Doti District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) to increase female membership and female representation on the DCCI's Executive Committee. 

During CONNECT's first year of implementation, Doti DCCI passed our policy reform paper “Female Representation on DCCI Executive Committees” which recommends a minimum reservation of 33% for women members.

Doti DCCI are encouraging women business owners to join and promoting the 33% reserved seats for women ahead of the upcoming DCCI Executive Committe election to be held on 8th September 2018.

Idea Studio Season 3 seeks applicants from Mid and Far West Districts
by: RAP 3      on: 30th Aug, 2018

RAP 3 CONNECT is supporting Idea Studio Nepal (ISN) to promote their nationwide call for business ideas in the Mid and Far West of Nepal.  Entrepreneurs are able to submit their applications for Idea Studio Season Three via RAP district offices.

In 2016, CONNECT faciliated the submission of business ideas from entrepreneurs in the Mid and Far West to Idea Studio Season Two.  In total, 208 applications were received from Mid and Far West districts of which 7 were invited to attend the incubation workshops in Kathmandu.

This year, ISN will select 24 individuals from across Nepal to receive business incubation support in Kathmandu before competing for cash prizes in the final round.

ISN is an entrepreneurship development platform that welcomes and supports new ideas, start-ups, or businesses that require expansion and investment.  Learn more about Idea Studio.

RBG using loan for retail and tea shop business
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Aug, 2018

Forty seven year old Laxman Saud is a Dhogdina RBG member formed in Toli, Bajura. He had earned nearly NRs. 450,000 after working for four years on the Maure-Toli-Chhatara road and had saved Rs.16,967. From that earning he had started retail and tea shops at Devaldanda 2 years back. He had taken a loan of Rs 250,000 from RBG and cooperative at an interest rate of 2% per month. His daily turnover is around NRs 1,500 to NRs. 2,000. He had paid the loan of NRs 50,000 to Dhogdina RBG and NRs 100,000 to Nawadurga’s women cooperative. The earning is being used to support the livelihoods of 7 members of his family and educate 3 children. His future plan is to scale up the business and clear the remaining loan.

RCS and ARAMP training in Doti
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Aug, 2018

DTA Doti with the support of Mr. Mahendra Shrestha (DC) conducted Road Condition Survey (RCS) and Annual Road Asset Management Plan (ARAMP) training for technical staff on 27th August, 2018. Altogether 12 participants from M/RM were present at the training. The training was aimed to strengthen the technical manpower of M/RM about the RCS and ARAMP. The training sessions included content from the LRN engineering course. Various sessions were distributed among DC, RTL, GE and IoW. RTL started the training explaining the importance of RCS and ARAMP. GE explained about ARAMP, its importance, principles, guideline and procedure for preparation. Similarly, DC explained the importance of RCS and its relation to ARAMP. During practical sessions, participants were requested to conduct RCS of their respective roads from M/RM and fill out the RCS forms.

Road safety education to students
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Aug, 2018

RAP 3 Bajura organized road safety education to 1,993 students studying in 12 different schools located in the Maure-Kailashmandu and Maure-Toli-Chhatara road corridors. Students were  orientated about road safety education. Pamphlets on road safety education were distributed to each student. One set of orientation hand out was handed over to each school. School teachers will review the materials to aware students during  leisure time.   

RCS/ARAMP training to local levels
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Aug, 2018

DTA Achham conducted Rapid Condition Survey/Annual Road Asset Management Plan training on 24th August 2018. Engineers and technical focal person from each R/Municipalities including representatives from DCC/DTO were invited to the training. A total of 29 participants, including 18 from M/RMs, were present at the training. DC, RTL and AE delivered six different modules related to RCS/ARAMP preparation and its importance. After receiving the training, engineers and technicians from M/RMs are expected to know how to conduct road condition surveys following the monsoon and how to prepare of ARAMP of respective M/RMs. DCC vice chairperson Mr. Top Bahadur Rawal thanked RAP 3 for providing such beneficial training which will certainly help in planning annual asset of each M/RMs in their road sector.

Completion of post construction survey, Bajura
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Aug, 2018

DTA team successfully completed the post construction survey of Maure- Toli-Chatara (16+360) and Maure-kailashmandu (10+950) road corridors with detail inventory of the sections. DTA team will also prepare the as-buiilt drawing of the road corridors. The as-built drawing will reflect the actual construction of the road and shows the exact dimensions, geometry, location of all elements of the work completed and cross sections. After the handover of both road corridors the as-built drawing can be used by the local government for further upgrading in future.

RMGs Keeping Road Open
by: RAP 3      on: 28th Aug, 2018

With Technical facilitation of Rural Access Programme (RAP 3), R/Municipalities of Dadeldhura district are mobilizing RMGs in various DRCNs of the district which has made possible for the easier movement of the vehicle even in the monsoon season. There are in total 137 such maintenance workers grouped in 24 different groups in 14 core road networks of the district covering around 200 KM of the rural roads. These RMGs are clearing small landslides and obstacles in the roads, water management through clearing and constructing drains and water bars, filling ruts, rills and small gullies, creating small stone pitching in muddy sections and clearing the vegetation in the roadways so as to keep the road functioning at all times. Repairing small scale damage to the roads quickly helps to prevent such damage from becoming severe. Although, the contract of the previous year ended on mid of July, R/Municipalities have secured these groups for at least this monsoon period even if the budget is not available from the center/province. However, as it has been earmarked regular maintenance budget in province they are optimistic that these RMGs would run year-round.