Bikash Ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 27th Jul, 2018

Episode: 52                                                      Broadcast Date: 29th July 2018

Issue: Role of media in development including the experience of Bikash ko Bato reporters.

 Along with weekly broadcast of Bikash ko Bato, we also conducted public hearing in  nine RAP3 districts. Public hearing, also called radio discussion was conducted in two phases. This public forum discussion brings stakeholders and public together and holds a healthy discussion among them. This year, the first phase of public hearing was held on different dates of January and February and second phase was held on different dates of June and July. The topic of both discussions was, "Developmental plans of local government and local's involvement." In first public hearing local people discussed on the plans and commitments of local representatives and in second hearing local representatives shared the updates of previous commitments and answered local's complaints and questions. This week Bikash ko Bato included some important part of discussion of both phases of public hearing of Kalikot and Dadeldhura.

Ginger farmers in Doti renew loans
by: ruth      on: 25th Jul, 2018

CONNECT and our partner Organic Mountain Flavor Private Limited (OMF) are once again working with Prabhu Bank Limited (PBL) to offer small loans to ginger farmers in Surkhet, Kailali and Sahajpur, Doti.

CONNECT’s intervention, linking OMF, PBL and Shikhar Insurance with hundreds of farmers is strengthening OMF's supply chain, increasing financial inclusion and offering pathways to sustainable incomes.

Last year, 163 ginger farmers in received loans totalling NPR 4,390,000.

Learn more about how small loans and long term contracts help farmers increase their incomes.


Completion of RMG public audit and refresher training
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Jul, 2018

From 4th to 9th July 2018, DTA Jumla organized public audit and refresher training to RMGs of all DRCN roads. 74 RMG members from 12 groups and representatives from RAP3, DTO and Rural Municipality attended the programme. RMGs received a refresher on the objectives of RAP3, various processes and activities of road maintenance, performance standards of various road elements and technical and non-technical points to be noted during road maintenance. GE and IOW also explained about the seasonal road maintenance requirements and payment procedure. RMGs were further informed about possible RMGs implementation modality in line with the new government structure. The representative from DTO provided clarity on the purpose of conducting public audits and its importance. The verification of payment was done where each members checked their received amount with the payroll sheet of DTO. All were satisfied with received amounts.

Bioengineering works and tree plantation started in JRDR, Kalikot
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Jul, 2018

The RAP3 DTA Kalikot has initiated bioengineering works along the roadside of Jarkot-Ramnakot District Road (JRDR) in Pachaljharana rural municipality, Kalikot. Following the IEE guidelines, RAP3 DTA has started to plant 4000 tree samplings along the roadside, public open areas and community forest. Out of 4000 saplings, approx 1000 saplings have been collected from Pachaljharana rural municipality and rest will be collected from the Forest Office, Manma. The existing groups are mobilized for bioengineering and tree plantation works.

Bikash Ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Jul, 2018

Episode: 51                                                      Broadcast Date: 22nd July 2018

Issue: Role of media in development including the experience of Bikash ko Bato reporters.

Media is considered as fourth body of government. it is also the medium for the voice of the voiceless and advocates for people. Media like radio, television, online news portal, newspaper, etc raises various issues of people and works as a bridge between government and people. Radio is most popular medium in province number 6 and 7. This week episode will discuss about contribution of media and media persons in the development of province number 6 and 7.




Rural first aid training in Mugu
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Jul, 2018

Under the chairmanship of Field Coordinator Bishnu Ram Bista, rural first aid training was held in Mugu from 5th to 7th July, 2018. The training was facilitated by 3 trainers and 1 assistant trainer from Himalayan Medics. The training covered theoretical and practical sessions, the main objective of the training was to increase participants capacity of patient assessment before taking him/her to nearest health center or hospital for further treatment. A total of 21 RAP3 staff from Mugu and Humla attended the training. At the end of the training, written and practical assessments were completed in which all the participants passed with flying colours. The participants were provided with certificates and a first aid rescuer identity card at the end.

Cement Masonry work on SDDR, Humla
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Jul, 2018

Cement masonry work is about to be finished on the SDDR (Salisalla-Darma District Road) corridor of Humla. The masonry structures were constructed on some sections of the road corridor where constructing gabion structures was not feasible and safe. The masonry works were done at chainage 1+420, 1+585, 1+590 and 1+620 of SDDR. These chainages all lie on the Darvi section of SDDR which also happens to be the critical section of SDDR. Crash barriers were also constructed along with the structures as per the site demand.

SMG Audit in Dailekh
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Jul, 2018

There are a total of six SMGs formed by RAP3 Dailekh to work in three different DRCN, all of whose work had already been completed. Public audit of two of the six groups was held on 12th July 2018 in Mathillo Dugeshwor. There were 15 members of one group and 12 from the other present on the day. Officials from the rural municipality also attended the program. RAP3 RTL Mr Rajendra K. Shrestha and OM Mr Kamal Adhikari conducted the Audit and IoW, IE and drivers were there to facilitate the program. The members received the monies due and the inventory of the tools they needed to return to RAP3 was also specified. The audit concluded with the feedbacks from the SMG members on what should be done to improve this model in the years to come.

Contractor work begun in GDDDR Improvement section
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Jul, 2018

RAP3 Mugu published the sealed quotation notice on 19th May 2018 for the excavation of all soil types in the GDDDR entry section by machine under improvement work. After evaluation of bids, contract have been signed with the lowest bidder Prem Nirman Sewa, Pina-9, Mugu on 21st June 2018. The contractor started work on 11th July 2018 in the presence of field technical staff after completion of C/L pegging of road alignment. DTA are anticipating the radius of loop, gradient and widening of road will be maintained as per NRRS after completion of contractor work.

Bikash Ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 13th Jul, 2018

Episode: 50                                                      Broadcast Date: 15th July 2018

Issue: Identification and selection of developmental projects by province government.

Provincial governments have already presented their policy and programme for this fiscal year 2075/76 BS). In provinces 6 and 7 a large number of development projects have been proposed. Road infrastructure development, hydro electricity,  irrigation, drinking water, health and hygiene, etc are some of the basic development projects that the  provinces have selected. And how the provinces are selecting projects? What are the indicators and how do they identify the important projects?  This episode of BKB has discussed about the basis and process of identification and selection of projects by provincial government. It also discusses the role of provincial assembly members in the selection process.