CONNECT partners recruit new operations staff
by: RAP 3      on: 27th Jul, 2017

Two of CONNECT’s partners have recruited new team members to support operations and financial management, taking another step towards sustainability.  Hatemalo Seed Production Cooperative have appointed an Operations and Bookkeeping Officer and Belpata Dairy Cooperative an Operations and Accounts Manager.  CONNECT facilitated the recruitment process, supporting partners to appoint suitable candidates that will become long term assets to the businesses.

Hazards of RMG Supervision in the Monsoon
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jul, 2017

The Jumla DCC RAP3 office has written to our Kathmandu headquarters to notify us that IoW Saroj Chaudhary and IE Binod Yadav met with an accident during their visit to 63DR008b (Jumla – Urthu - Bumramadichaur-Bulbule). They were on a field visit for RMG supervision and meeting with SMG members regarding measurement and final payment. On the way they have to cross a wooden bridge over the Dorse Khola. The bridge was wet and bike slipped directly into the river together with IoW. Luckily he suffered only minor injuries, but the bike was dragged approximately 25m by high flowing river. Photo shows local people and the army helping them to pull the bike out of the river.

Doti declares “Open Defecation Free District”
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jul, 2017

Under the chairmanship of Krishna Prasad Gautam (LDO),  District Coordination Committee (DCC) organized a programme on 12th July 2017 to declare Doti as “Open Defecation Free District”. The programme was attended by Chief guest Prakash Kumar Dhungana (Chief Judge -High Court Dipayal), special guests  Mayor/Chairperson and other elected members, representatives from the political parties, line agencies, Finland representative, UNICEF and RAP3 (RTL and GE). All the participants marched from Indrachock, Silghadi to the programme venue DCC hall.

RMG worker’s dream comes true
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jul, 2017

Mr. Praje Wod Kami, a member of the Lamchu Road Maintenance Group, Dhakari Rural Municipality in Achham, has expressed his great happiness to be able to purchase a cellphone. After being employed as a member of road maintenance group, he bought his first cellphone from his first wages.He is excited to share his happiness and said, "I  had a dream that one day I would have my own phone. My dream came true when I got an opportunity to work on the road. Now I can talk to my family whenever I miss them. I am very thank full to RAP3.”51 year old Mr. Praje is one of the poor and disadvantaged people of the rural villages in Achham who has not enough land to feed his family. He feels very blessed to have such an employment opportunity in his own village.

Unilever Nepal explores KGG as a partner to hold its Hamri Didi distribution channel to accelerate expansion and secure long term sustainability of the networ
by: ruth      on: 21st Jul, 2017

On CONNECT's encouragement, Unilever Nepal is looking to the future and planning for the long term sustainability of their Hamri Didi network.  Earlier today CONNECT facilitated a meeting between Mr Mukund Ghimire, Assistant Sales Manager, Unilever Nepal and Ms Sita Adhikari, Founder, Kalpavriksha Great Goods (KGG) (link is external) to discuss working together to expand product mix and support the Hamri Didis over the long term.  KGG is a women led rural wholesale distribution network that sells solar lights and other clean technology, women's hygiene products and water filters. Unilever Nepal is committed to the HD network as a distribution channel for their products but acknowledges that the hundreds of women involved could reap greater benefits, and de-risk by trading multiple products.

Bid opening in Dadeldhura
by: RAP 3      on: 21st Jul, 2017

RAP3 has launched the Road Term Maintenance Pilot Project (contract ID: RAP3/2017/017) in Dadeldhura. The bid invitation was published in the national newspaper ‘Kantipur Daily’ on 15th June 2017 and the submission deadline was on 17th July 2017 until 12:00 hrs. Three hard copies were received within deadline. The bids were opened on the same day at 14:00 hrs. in the presence of RAP3 DTA staff, DCC representative LDO Gyanendra Parajuli, DTO representative CDE Ram Kumar Shrestha and authorised representatives of the contractors. A summary examination of the bids was done to determine compliance with the requirements of the solicitation documents and information about the bidders, amount of bid prices, presence or absence of necessary documents were announced and record of the bid opening was prepared which was verified by the respective representatives.

Cleanliness Programme in DCC, Dailekh
by: RAP 3      on: 21st Jul, 2017

Under the leadership of Dailekh LDO Dila Ram Panthi, cleanliness programme was organized in DCC premises on 17th July 2017. DCC staff, DTO staff, RAP3 staff, and other projects staff actively participated in the programme. The participants were mainly involved in clearing weeds and unwanted plants, collection of dust, bottles, papers, plastics and other waste and their proper disposal. The programme was very effective and it has been decided to organize frequent repeats.

Culvert, causeway and masonry drain on 63DR009a, Jumla
by: RAP 3      on: 18th Jul, 2017

DCC has constructed four causeways on road 63DR009a. These causeways are constructed on river crossings at chainage 5+925, 6+000, 7+700 and 7+800. DCC also constructed two culverts at chainage 8+100 and 8+800. After the construction of these causeways and culverts it has been easier to drive motorcycle and other small vehicles without any difficulties. Also 150 m masonry drain has been constructed at chainage 6+900. The construction of drain has stopped the scouring of road section by water, flowing with high current and road section looks dry and easily passable. 

Bid Opening of Term Maintenance contract, Dailekh
by: RAP 3      on: 18th Jul, 2017

Road Term Maintenance-Pilot project (Piece-Work), contract ID: RAP3/2017/018 is launching in Dailekh district. The invitation for bid was first published on 15 June 2017 in national daily newspaper ‘Kantipur’ and Pre-bid meeting with contractors was organized on 30th June 2017. The last bid submission date was 17 July 2017 before12:00 hrs. Total five contractors submitted their bid and the bid opening was done at the same day at 14:00 hrs  in the presence of RAP3 staff, DCC representative, DTO representative and Contractor’s representatives.

NAST FEC to establish a club run social business
by: ruth      on: 16th Jul, 2017

The CONNECT team joined the National Academy of Science and Technology’s Future Entrepreneur Club’s meeting to introduce the idea of a club run social business that would both raise funds to deliver other club activities, give back to their community and provide an opportunity to ‘learn by doing’.  During the meeting club members also came up with ideas for their annual programme of activities.