First four wheel vehicle in RAP 3 SSDR road in Kalikot
by: RAP 3      on: 27th Apr, 2017

RAP 3 is building seven roads consisting of 97km in four new construction districts Kalikot, Bajura, Humla and Mugu. Each district has two road corridors except Mugu. Out of two roads of Kalikot, Sannighat-Syuna-Shipkhana (SSDR) 17.65 km has been substantially completed & RAP 3 DTA, Kalikot successfully completed test drive on four wheel vehicle on 26th April 2017 from its starting point (Sannighat) to its end point (Shipkhana). The programme was participated by Hari Chhetri, Account Officer,  DCC,  Kamber Bam, DTO, Dilli Prakash Sitaula, DPM, Manoj Krishna Shrestha, LRN Asset Management Specialist,  Mitra Bahadur Shrestha, LRN Engineer from RAP 3, and DTA/SC/NGO staff. Pradipe Mahatara, a 98 years old local from Phukot-5 heartily welcomed the team & expressed his gratitude to RAP 3 for giving an opportunity to see the four-wheel vehicles for the first time. He traveled few sections of the road in a Jeep. On the same day, LRN Asset Management Specialist and his team along with DTA also conducted road safety audit. The detail report is available on


Blue Boots
by: RAP 3      on: 27th Apr, 2017

Special maintenance group (SMG) in Jumla with personal protective equipment

Road safety training
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Apr, 2017

Under the chairmanship of Chief District Engineer, Rewati Raman Parajuli, one day orientation training on Road Safety Assessment was held at DCC meeting hall of Morang district on 24th April 2017. The training was given by DTL Harihar Bhandari to 18 participants of the DCC/DTO/DTA staff. The training included discussions on various road safety issues like Acts and Regulations in Nepal, Road Safety Initiative, 5-Pillars of Road Safety and such. The training also included a field visit to Katahari-Lakshminiya-Pokhariya-Nocha Road (05DR014). Proper signage, sight distance and sharp curves of the road corridor were discussed during the visit. Overall, the training was successful as it could enlighten the participants about one of the most unaddressed issues in road designs of Nepal.

Test drive on MKDR
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Apr, 2017

RAP3 DTA Bajura successfully plied two motorbikes to the end of Maure-Kailashmandu (MK) District Road (13.00 Km) on 20th April 2017. The main objectives of test drive were to encourage RBGs/SBGs members to speed up construction works, to give the message to the stakeholders on road progress and to assure that the road will be completed on time. All RBGs/SBGs, local political parties, and local community members heartily welcomed RAP DTA team.  Local Bajura FM based on Martadi broadcast the news of test drive.

Transparency in development thru radio conversation
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Apr, 2017

Radio programme “Bikash ko Bato” has been broadcasting from Naya Karnali FM under direct supervision of Antenna Foundation Nepal (AFN) supported by RAP 3. Naya Karnali FM has conducted mass meeting programme ‘Radio dialogue for development’ at district headquarter of Kalikot, Manma on 18th April 2017. The title of programme was ‘Why infrastructure development works being delay’? This programme was led under the chairmanship of LDO Pradip Raj Adhikari, Chief Guest Member of Parliament Mahendra Shahi, chairperson of Nepal Bar Association Kalikot, district level political parties, stakeholders, beneficiaries and local people. This programme acts as vital tools for measuring fairness and effectiveness of programme, its transparency and providing feedback to all responsible stakeholder. Participants presented RAP 3 as a model project in district in sense of quality on work, employment generation & transparency and thanked RAP 3 for its efforts on welfare of district and to associated beneficiaries.

GoN fund relieved RMGs
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Apr, 2017

After about 3 months of delay in the payment of RMGs, the GoN fund has finally been received and RMGs of Morang district has been paid. Despite the delay in the payment of RMG wages, they continued to work in the field. After several complaining regarding the delay, they have finally received their earnings and were delighted for it. The government has taken over RMGs from RAP 3, and despite the break in payment, it is now hoped that the RMG works shall be continued in sustainable manner. At present, RMGs have been receiving technical support from RAP 3.

DFID UK visit to Dadeldhura
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Apr, 2017

Ms. Christina Christou, Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of State for U.K. Department for International Development paid a visit to one of the DRCN, 73DR004 here at Dadeldhura on 19th April 2017 where she observed RMGs on work. Ms. Christou’s visit was based on observing DFID project and its impact in uplifting rural communities in Nepal. As part of her visit to numbers of DFID project area, she wanted to learn what RAP 3 is working on and how its impact has been to the community. All together she observed four groups on work and also hold interaction with two groups. She was pleased to learn the vital role RMGs plays in maintaining road to the trafficable condition. She was equally pleased to learn the female RMG members receiving similar payment as their male counterpart and also with their active participation as RMG member. Ms. Christou was overall very positive with what she observed here at Dadeldhura and greatly appreciated RAP 3 work.

Overwhelming response to call for Hamri Didis in Jumla
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Apr, 2017

The CONNECT team have been supporting Unilever Nepal to activate and recruit Hamri Didis (HDs) in Jumla.  The response has been overwhelming with attendance at every community engagement and early trade volumes exceeding our expectations - evidence that women in the Mid and Far West are hungry for self-sustainaining opportunities.

We met with 395 women at 7 engagements and appointed 98 HDs.  41 HDs have placed their first orders, investing NPR 279,910.

As of 23 April, there are 339 HDs in CONNECT Districts.

Hamri Didi current status in numbers

Download file (357.58 KB)
MSME business partners attend 2 day training
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Apr, 2017

CONNECT District Manager, Sher Bahadur Bohara led a 2-day accounting and bookkeeping training course for our MSME business partners.  The course, attended by participants from 8 businesses, focused on general principles of accounting, cost and price setting, production and market planning and reporting as well as an overview of basic business planning.  Feedback from the participants has been positive and we look forward to seeing colleagues’ put their new learning into practice.

Orientation to Special maintenance group (SMG)
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Apr, 2017

RAP 3 DTA Dailekh, organized an orientation program for different newly formed maintenance group on 19th, 20th and 21st March 2017. The objective of the orientation was to strengthen the knowledge and skills of SMG members to maintain the road in the good condition as mentioned in performance standard. The training was conducted in Goganpani  on 19th March and followed by Dandaparajul and Naumule on 20th and 21st March respectively. Various queries/suggestion related to maintenance works were discussed during the orientation session. Initially, the theoretical session was conducted in first half and later followed by practical session in second half. Total 120 members were formed to maintain road pliable in all season and protecting road assets being further damage with participation of 49 women which contributes 40.83% of female membership. The program was chaired by Local Development Officer Dilliram Panthi and facilitated by District Engineer Megraj Gawali, Programme Officer Padam Sapkota, DTL (RAP 3) Rajendra Kumar Shrestha, SAME Prakash Bikram Shahi, IE Balkrishna Dahal and OM Kamal Prashad Adhikari.