by: RAP 3      on: 30th Nov, 2016

All the RAP3 engineers are required to attend the annual LRN Course and pass the associated examination if they are to continue to work on RAP. This year the course for graduates was held in Kathmandu from 7th-11th November.

The Graduates studied modules from the standard LRN course as part of their self-study and sat for the standard LRN test. Out of 20 Graduates attending the test, 14 passed with distinction with Gambhir Lamsal scoring highest at 92%.

The contents for the Graduate workshop were designed taking the ideas and suggestions of all GEs most of which was based on the STM course. The overall training was of five days which incorporated contents such as Extension of time and Control, Contractual Claims Costs, Disputes and Termination, E-Procurement by PPMO, Issues and Challenges in Public Procurement, Training on Use of Survey Equipment - Total Station & Abney level, Unloading data from Total Station, Planning and Resourcing, Road Safety and Discussion and presentation on Issues raised by Graduates.

Internal Audit
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Nov, 2016

Internal Audit which mainly focused on PMV data management was conducted on Jumla from 8 – 12 November 2016 by the internal audit team comprising Tika Chandra Maden and Tulsi Ram Neupane. The objectives of the audit was to investigate the effectiveness of the RAP3 PMV data management processes relating to Performance Management and Verification.  The investigation looked into the methods and processes used for data collection, recording, storage and retrieval, reporting by the districts to TMO and follow up of issues identified at the district level field monitoring visits.  The PMV data management and follow up within TMO were also examined. 

Refresher Training to RBGs/SBGs
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Nov, 2016

 RAP3 DTA Kalikot organized refresher training to RBGs/SBGs from 25th Nov to 30th Nov 2016 in all six LRUCs of both road corridors (5 LRCUs of SSDR & 1 LRCU of JRDR) consisting of 50 members from each LRCUs. In total 300  of RBGs/SBGs were given orientation on the followings: RAP3 working modality; use of safety gear & worker briefing card; insurance policy and claim of minor/major injuries; BOQ item, construction of quality works; measurement /payment procedures and use of first aid kits and its replacement.

Arrival in HUM
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Nov, 2016

Humla can be an unforgiving place to work, involving long hours of trekking through some the remotest parts of the country. There a few creature comforts and Graduate Engineer Damodar Khanal arrived in Simikot 21st November to take up his new position in Dharma, which is at least a three day walk along some pretty scary trails. He writes “Our pace was slow, my legs were burning as it was already more than 12 hours of walk in total. In the growing cold of late November, the sun sets early and we walked in the dusk. The dark night was approaching, and there was no hotel to spend night. We were compelled to move forward by torchlight, the narrow trail, turbulent Karnali and the sound that it produces made me nervous. Each time I ask the Humli porter how much time will it take to reach Salisalla, he says 10 minutes.

I now regret that I walked during the night through such narrow cliffs putting my life at risk and there are so many lessons learnt.

RAP3 CONNECT team connects for ToT
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Nov, 2016

Earlier this month RAP3 CONNECT organised a two-day Training of Trainers workshop designed to orient the newly assembled CONNECT team and train the CONNECT District Managers (CDMs) on management techniques and CONNECT's approach to private sector partnerships. During the workshop each member of the team gave a presentation on their areas of expertise, sharing their knowledge and experiences. The CDMs will now take their new knowledge and deliver the complete training module to CONNECT partners in their respective districts.

The workshop was the first time the new team was together and, making the most of the opportunity, the team also reflected on the first 6 months of CONNECT, the successes, areas for improvement and the way forward.

RMG Refresher Training
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Nov, 2016

RMG refresher training was organized from 17th to  21st of November 2016 at Bagbazaar - 63DR01, Narakot - 63DR03 & 63DR04, Anamnagar - 63DR07, Urthu - 63DR08,63DR10,63DR11,63DR12,  Garjyangkot - 63DR9A and Manisangu - 63DR9B of Jumla district. The training was conducted at various places by DTL, GE, OM, SAME and SMO. The main aim of training was to strengthen the knowledge and skills of RMG members to maintain the road in the good condition as mentioned in performance standard. Various queries/suggestion related to maintenance works were discussed during the training session.

IMC Managing Director visits Nepal
by: RAP 3      on: 17th Nov, 2016

 As part of IMC management’s Client Care and central support to its projects around the world, IMC’s Managing Director Gavin English visits Nepal at least once a year to review progress and meet with clients such as DFID and GoN. At a reception held in the RAP3 Garden on 16th November he reported that the RAP3 contract had been extended recently by DFID from March 2017 to June 2019. He also reported that IMC now have seven projects currently active in Nepal, whose funders include DFID, The World Bank, USAID and MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation). The reception was attended by representatives from DFID, DOLIDAR, Investment Board of Nepal, IMC and colleagues working on projects in Nepal.

Kalikot DDC Orientation
by: RAP 3      on: 17th Nov, 2016

RAP3 DTA Kalikot organized a one day orientation program on “ARAMP of FY 073/74 and RMG guidelines” for the DDC/DTO and Support Consultant staff on 16th November 2016 at Manma, Kalikot. Also attending the programme were the LDO of Kalikot Mr. Pradeep Raj Adhikari and DTO Engineer Ratna Bd. Bhandari. During the program, RAP3’s District Team Leader Bishnu Ram Bista and Engineering Officer Ramesh Khatakho gave presentations about the Kalikot’s ARAMP for FY 2073/74 and the new RMG guidelines recently approved by MOFALD.

DFID Mission to Humla
by: RAP 3      on: 8th Nov, 2016

A mission led by Deputy Head of DFID Nepal Mr. Mark Smith is seen being welcomed to Simikot Airport by DTO Chief/Acting LDO, RAP3 DTA team and NCCSP district team The mission members were provided with a fact sheet about RAP3’s overall status and the district situation including the construction of the Gamgadhi-Chankhely-Darma road. Discussions were held at the RAP3 office in Simikot as well as stakeholder meetings with DDC officials and Humla’s CDO as well. They will move to field visit tomorrow and return back to Simkot on Thursday evening.


RMG Guidelines adopted by MoFALD
by: RAP 3      on: 1st Nov, 2016

The Road Maintenance Group (RMG) guideline was approved and adopted by MoFALD on 31st May 2016. This document is now the governing document for DoLIDAR in routine and recurrent maintenance activities carried out by any project under DoLIDAR using road maintenance groups (RMGs). This version of the guideline takes into account the recent experiences from programmes implementing the RMG approach primarily the Rural Access Programme (RAP3), the Strengthening the National Rural Transport Programme (SNRTP) and lesson learned from previous editions.

Manoj Krishna Shrestha (LRAMS) from Rural Access Programme did most of the front line work to furnish the guideline and representing RAP3 on the DoLIDAR working group. In fact, this is a great achievement in bringing SNRTP/ILO and RAP3 together in rural roads maintenance activities using RMGs. The main change in this latest version of guideline is the size of RMG and new level of input for different surface types and conditions.

The guideline is available on