DFID Annual Review in Achham
by: RAP 3      on: 5th Oct, 2016

On 27 September 2016, DFID Annual Review team, comprising of Mr. Gareth Weir and Ms June Shrestha from DFID and Mr. Navin Subedi-MEL visited DRCN Kirtikham–Lungra (69DR003). The Annual Review team travelled along the DRCN, up to Lungaraligad (a local river crossing) at ch 2+960. The Review team met RMG across Lungraligad, where all members of RMG welcomed the team with ‘garlands and tika’. Thereafter, discussion took place at site and the Review Team raised a series of queries and concerns about need and importance of road maintenance. Major queries broadly covered the issues, like, how RMG members were selected, what is the role of RMG, what are the provisions of safety and insurance coverage, RMG’s contract issues and work days, RMG payment procedures, wages distribution and audit, and, in particular, direct benefits to RMG’s families in their livelihoods. The team also checked field records and documents relating to RMG’s work plans, daily attendance, insurance coverage, wages distributions, safety materials and equipment, first-aid kit and construction tools.


CPD Training: Emergency Maintenance and Introduction of Road Safety
by: RAP 3      on: 3rd Oct, 2016

One day training was conducted by RAP DTA Achham on 26th September 2016 for DDC/DTO and SC staff under Continual Professional Development (CPD). The training was started by DTL with warm welcome to all participants and facilitated by EO Parsuram Shrestha. The theoretical sessions on Emergency Maintenance and Road Safety were presented along with group interaction and discussion. The main objective of training was to provide knowledge on emergency maintenance works and its importance and identifying quantity of emergency maintenance works under scope of RMGs. Information on road safety sign, signal and road marking was also provided. All participants attended test on respective modules.

GPS Training
by: RAP 3      on: 3rd Oct, 2016

On 28th Sep 2016, RAP3 DTA Kalikot conducted one day GPS handling and operation training to engineers and technicians from DDC/DTO. The training included introduction to GPS, tracking and adding way points and transferring data from GPS to computer using Base camp software. After the theoretical part of the training, participants also conducted practical by tracking and adding way points on 1 km track through GPS. At the end, the measured track was transferred to computer and corrected some errors using the software. Altogether, 15 participants including engineers and sub-engineers from DTA and DDT/DTO got opportunity to develop their capacity through the training.