First Aid Refresher Training in Kalikot
by: RAP 3      on: 17th Aug, 2016

LNGO, Village Development and Save the Environment Forum, Kalikot had planned seven first aid refresher training events (each of three days) for RBGs/SBGs members for two district road corridors of Kalikot district. Five events of SSDR were completed on 9th August 2016 and two events of JRDR will start on 18th August and will end on 23rd August 2016. In each event 20 members from RBGs/SBGs were participated and the trainings were facilitated by Bal Prasad Sanjyal and Prem Bahadur Shahi from Nepal Red Cross Society Kalikot. Altogether 140 nos of RBG members were targeted from 68 RBGs and 28 SBGs groups.

Public Audit in Kalikot
by: RAP 3      on: 17th Aug, 2016

On 13th August 2016, LRUC level public audit was organized on Mastodhawalpura LRUC of Sannighat-Phukot-Syuna-Sipkhana district road. Three running bills(4th to 6th) of RBGs/SBGs wages payment made between March to July 2016 were audited. Representatives from DDC, VDC, DTA, local political parties, LRCC, LRUC, SC, Journalists from local radio and about 300 nos of RGs/SBGs members were participated. It was monitored by two internal auditors Tika Chandra Maden and Tulsi Ram Neupane from RAP3, TMO. The queries raised by the participants were answered by RAP3 DTL Bishnu Ram Bista.

CPD Training in Bajura
by: RAP 3      on: 17th Aug, 2016

On 12th August 2016,  RAP3, DTA Bajura conducted LRN refresher training to RAP3 DTA staff in line with RAP3 CPD activities on supervision, quality control, measurement and valuation. The main aim of training was to strengthen the knowledge and skills of DTA staffs  The training focussed on lesson learn, observation and finding during RAP TMO and DTA field visit of both roads of Bajura district regarding the quality of works, works supervision, measurement of completed works, record keeping of field data and its presentation as well as how to improve the lapses and gaps.

News on EIA study of Mugu-Humla link road
by: RAP 3      on: 15th Aug, 2016

In compliance with GoN EPR provision, Ministry of Population and Environment (MoPE) displayed EIA study report of Mugu-Humla link road at different libraries in Kathmandu and project VDCs and DDCs of Mugu and Humla.  Information on display of the report is through the notice published on 27 July 2016 in the Gorkhapatra Daily for 30 days seeking comments and feedback.  We also have requested informed members of the public to provide comments and feedback by 25 August 2016 to MoPE.  EIA study is available on

DFID Tweets
by: RAP 3      on: 5th Aug, 2016

Annual Review Workshop and CIM Assessment
by: RAP 3      on: 4th Aug, 2016

RAP3 Achham District Annual Review Workshop was organized with co-ordination of DDC/DTO on 2nd  August 2016.  The workshop was chaired by LDO Shiva Prasad Humegain  and facilitated by DDC Senior Information Officer, Padam Bahadur Majhi. The participants were welcomed by DTO Chief Jitendra Kumar Karn, followed by presentation on objective and overall district’s LRN status including significance of District Transport Master Plan (DTMP) and Annual Road Asset Management Plan (ARAMP). DC Gopi Chandra Upreti delivered the overview of RAP3 programme and DTL Shyam Gurung presented  Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Annual Support Plan (ASP) activities.  EO Parsuram Shrestha gave presentation on physical and financial progress of LRN activities and SEDO Guru Datta Dhakal on SED related progress. There were 46 participants in the workshop; representatives from District-level Political Parties, District Contractors Association, NTV Reporter, Local Journalist, DDC/DTO officials, Road Maintenance Group members, RAP DTA, Support Consultant and LNGO SEBAC Nepal.

A Continual Improvement Matrix(CIM) Review and Assessment meeting was held at DDC on 3rd Auguts 2016. DC Gopi C Upreti highlighted the significance of CIM in RAP3 districts. The meeting was chaired by LDO. Each key element of CIM was reviewed, analyzed and updated scoring in consensus based on overall scenario of the DDC/DTO. LDO, DTO Chief, DDC Social Development Officer, DDC Senior Information and Communication Officer, DDC internal auditor, DTO sub-engineers and DTAs were the participants.

Introduce of RMG approach in Kalikot
by: RAP 3      on: 4th Aug, 2016

With aiming to mobilize RMGs in vehicles pliable DRCN roads from December 2016, district key stakeholders were well oriented on RMGs concept, selection procedure, working modality, RMGs engagement on routine and recurrent maintenance, agreement procedure, payment procedure and DDC/DTO/RAP DTA’s role and responsibilities on 20th July 2016. The programme was chaired by LDO, Pradip Raj Adhikari. LDO,DTO, planning officer, DDC/DTO technicians, representatives from political parties and SC/DTA were actively participated. DTL, Bishnu Ram Bista had facilitated the programme.

Store Management Training
by: RAP 3      on: 3rd Aug, 2016

RAP3 DTA Kalikot organised two days store management training to Supervision Consultant’s   technicians and storekeepers on 28th -29th July 2016. All formats attached in store guideline were thoroughly described. Storekeepers had filled all forms and formats such as demand form, bin card, good delivery note, good receive note and stock register on the second day of practical session. The challenges and lapses found in store management were also discussed.

Continual Improvement Matrix (CIM) Review
by: RAP 3      on: 3rd Aug, 2016

On 18th July 2016, Continual Improvement Matrix (CIM) Review for the fiscal year 2072/2073 was organized by RAP3 DTA, Mugu. CIM review is carried out to self-assess the performance of the district under six thematic areas including Maintenance, Planning, Technical, Financial, Institutional and Social & Political each year. The Chief of District Technical Office (DTO) Devi Prasad Pandey, who chaired the assessment, and other DDC/DTO staff scored the progress in each thematic area.

Annual Progress Review Workshop
by: RAP 3      on: 2nd Aug, 2016

RAP3 Humla organized Annual Progress Review Workshop on 30th July 2016 in DDC Hall Simkot. The workshop was chaired by  LDO, Bal Dev Joshi and  CDO, Dr. Krishna Bahadur Ghimere was the chief guest. 57 participants representing from DDC/DTO, government offices, political parties, LRCCs, LRUCs, VDCs, Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Journalist and NGOs actively participated in the workshop. Ram Prasad Adhikari, Section Officer of DDC formally started the programme while Nara Prasad Sharma, Internal Audit Account Officer of DDC highlighted the importance of the workshop. RAP3 DTL, Bakhat Bahadur Shahi gave presentation on introduction of RAP3 and the annual progress of fiscal year 072/73.