Joint Monitoring Visit in DAD
by: RAP 3      on: 19th May, 2016

DDC/RAP3/RVWRMP Dadeldhura organised a Joint Monitoring Visit on 16th May 2016 by LDO Puruswottam Dhakal and CDE Ram Kumar Shrestha together with representatives of political parties and DDC Board Members. These included Nepali Congress, NCP UML, NCP (Maoist), RPP Nepal, RPP, RJM, NCP (Samyukta), NCP (Maoist Biplab Fraction), Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum and jounalists. Raju Tiruwa represented WRA-RVWRMP) while Shankar Pokharel represented RAP3.

The team visited

1.    DRCN routine & recurrent of maintenance works by RMGs in Raduwa –Parikhet –Badal & Sakyal –Kailpalmandu, funded by RAP3,

2.    some non DRCN road works and the Gwani water supply scheme funded by RVWRMP,

3.     Cemented Pond funded by RCIW at Nabadurga,

4.    Bhabaniswor Mandir Ganeshpur -4 Mailoda funded by Nirbachan – Chhetra Bishes Karyakram


How Does RAP Select its Workers ?
by: RAP 3      on: 18th May, 2016

Road Building Groups - Group of 15-20 people living within the zone of influence, who are from poor and marginalised HHs in their community, who can work on road construction are called Road Building Groups (RBGs).

First Round Selection Criteria:

1. Must live within one and half hours walk of the road alignment

2. Members must be between 16 and 60 years of age

3. People from the poorest households in the community

4. People from excluded ethnic groups (Dalits and  Janajatis)

5. People from women headed households

6. People from Severely Project Affected Families (SPAF)

7. Must be 33 percent women members

Second Round Selection Criteria (if first round does not lead to sufficient members):

1. More than one person from SPAF members of the same RBG

2. More than one person from families ranked at the lowest

3. People from households which are not in the lowest strata

4. People living in within two hours walk from the road alignment


How Does RAP Select its Workers ?
by: RAP 3      on: 18th May, 2016

Road Maintenance Groups - RMG members are selected from the communities situated along the road (sections) to be maintained, or from those communities nearest to the road. Mainly two different methods are applied for the selection process (i) the Interview method or (ii) through a mass meeting.


1.    Must be between 18 and 60 years of age

2.    Must be physically and mentally able to work on road maintenance

3.    Must live near the road to be maintained (reducing travel time)

4.    Must be unemployed or employed less than 25% of their time

5.    Must be from the poorest people of the VDC

6.    Not less than 33% must be women

7.    At least 40% of workers must be from disadvantaged, excluded and deprived groups


Extreme Road Building!
by: RAP 3      on: 18th May, 2016


The construction works of Jarkot-Ramnakot road in Kalikot started in Nov 2015 one year behind schedule. As can be seen from the photo, the geography of the alignment is very difficult and the cross slope is between 65 and 70 degrees. A high level of safety precautions needed to be used to minimize any accidents including safety sign boards for pedestrians and safety broadcasts on the local FM radio station. Altogether 480 workers are employed every day on the road construction of the road.


KAL Intern Rotates
by: RAP 3      on: 18th May, 2016


After successful completion of quality control and GPS handling and operational training, a joint meeting had held with RAP3 DTA, SC and LNGO aiming to solve different issues, problems faced during project implementation and to share the LRUC wise progress. At the end of the meeting a farewell programme was organised for outgoing Intern Engineer Mr Deepak Baskota on 9th May 2016. In line with RAP3 rotation policy for all interns in 3 months, Mr. Baskota has been transferred from RAP3 Kalikot to RAP3 Morang to complete his second half of internship. All RAP3 district team congratulated him and provided best wishes for the upcoming days with RAP3. Mr. Baskota also thanked all RAP3 district team for their valuable support and co-ordination during his first half of internship in Kalikot. Phot shows RE of SC (SIDeF) providing best wishes during the farewell programme.


Joint Monitoring Visit of Maintenance & Improvement Works
by: RAP 3      on: 11th May, 2016


RAP3 Morang organized one day Joint Monitoring Visit on 8th May 2016. The monitoring team comprised of LDO Narayan Prasad Mainali, CDE Samar Bahadur Khanal, representatives of political parties, Journalists, DTL Harihar Bhandari, OM Mohan Pariyar, GE Dristi Lamichhane and DDC Section Officer Krishna Bhattarai. The team visited Specific-Periodic Maintenance works of 5 DRCNs including GoN funded Improvement Work of Khorsane-Kerabari-Singhadevi-Samewa and Pathari ( Bhutanisiwir)- Sanischare. The main purpose of the visit was to witness up-to-date progress of works (maintenance/improvement), maintain transparency and accountability as well as collect feedbacks/suggestions for room to improvement during implementation of works. The monitoring team was impressed by the information board placed in each roads which gave all passerby a clear view of the project details under implementation.


Orientation Brochure
by: RAP 3      on: 10th May, 2016


We have prepared a District Level Orientation Brochure and attached herewith to orient the district level stakeholders, in particular the LDO/DTO and other GoN officials who are newly arrived in our districts. The main objective of this brochure is to communicate with new stakeholders in a  more consistent manner  and maintain uniformity while providing  information to the stakeholders about RAP3. The brochure can be down loaded from the following address:


GPS Course in Kalikot
by: RAP 3      on: 10th May, 2016

On 6th May 2016, RAP3 DTA Kalikot conducted one day GPS handling and operation training to engineers and technicians from DTA, SC, DDC/DTO. After the theoretical part of the training, participants conducted practical training by tracking and adding way points on a 3 km road section of the nearby Karnali Highway. Altogether, 20 participants, including engineers from DTA and DOLIDAR, RE, IoWs and STSs got the opportunity to build up their professional skills through the training.


Kalikot Greets New LDO
by: RAP 3      on: 10th May, 2016


As part of 5th May CPD training session on quality control, the RAP3 team welcomed the new LDO for Kalikot district, Mr. Pradip Raj Adhikari who formally inaugurated the training session. In return the RAP3 DTL Bishnu Ram Bista presented an introductory overview session on RAP3, including details about its working partners, staffing, budget and progress to date on the construction of new roads in the district.



CPD Training in Kalikot
by: RAP 3      on: 10th May, 2016


In line with RAP3 CPD activities, RAP DTA Kalikot organised a one day CPD training session on Quality Control on 5th May 2016 for DTA, SC and DDC/DTO technicians. The training focused on improving lapses and gaps seen during TMO and DTA field visits to both of the new road corridors in the district regarding quality of works, works supervision, EMP preparation and store management. Presentations were given by Bishnu Ram Bista (DTL), Ramesh Khatako (EO), Chetan Neupane (GE) and Mahesh Bhattarai (PO).