Plane Crash in Karnali
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Feb, 2016

Reports reaching us in Kathmandu are that an Air Kasthamandap aircraft bound for Jumla from Nepalgunj with 11 people on board, including two crew members, crash landed in Kalikot district this morning. We have checked with our district staff and are relieved to announce that no RAP3 staff were involved in the accident. However we have also found out that a newly appointed intern flew in the plane yesterday and that a second RAP staffer was waiting for the plane to return to Nepalgunj from Jumla and take him to Mugu.

RAP3 welcomes fourth batch of interns
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Feb, 2016

RAP3 conducted a six day long induction training for twelve new civil engineer interns, from 11th to 19th February, 2016. This new lot of interns is the fourth intake under RAP3’s internship programme for recently graduated civil engineers. The induction training was primarily based on the RAP3 LRN engineering course, and was delivered by four TMO based Graduate Engineers; Ashrika Sharma, Biraj Adhikari, Manu Kr. Poudel, and Subin Gajurel. The training encompassed an assessment which all the interns passed with flying colors. The induction training also included briefing sessions on the Social and Economic Development (SED) and Capacity Building components of RAP3.

The interns have been stationed to the following RAP3 districts where they will spend 3 out of 6 months of the internship programme. At the mid-point in the internship the interns will rotate district in order to ensure that they get as wide a range of experience as possible. Photo shows interns flanked by their graduate Induction trainers.

Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA), 14th National Convention of Engineers, 17-19 February 2016
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Feb, 2016

The Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) held the National Convention of Engineers in the Nepal Academy from 17-19 February 2016. RAP3 actively participated in the convention, with RAP3 graduates managing the programme’s exhibition stall in the event. RAP3 also presented a paper titled ‘Building the Capacity of Nepal’s Transport Sector’ which covered RAP3’s capacity building initiatives aimed at addressing poor performance of private sector actors as well as supporting the advancement of the engineering sector overall. 

Arrival of New LDO
by: RAP 3      on: 16th Feb, 2016

New Local Development Officer (LDO) Mr. Yubaraj Poudel joined District Development Committee, Parbat on 15th February 2016. He was welcomed by DDC/DTO and RAP DTA in the office and wished his stay in Parbat successful and memorable.

EIA study for Gamgadhi-Chankheli-Darma Road Project
by: RAP 3      on: 8th Feb, 2016

Scoping Document (SD) and Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the proposed Gamgadhi-Chankheli-Darma road project to link Humla to Mugu and the rest of Nepal was approved by the Ministry of Population and Environment (MoPE) on 28 January 2016. This paves the way for a full EIA study to start. Requirements a 30 day Public Notice in the national level press for public hearings to seek feedback from the public and stakeholders, conducted by the study team and representatives of MoPE and MoFALD. The final EIA study report will then be submitted to MoPE for approval. Photo shows part of the alignment at the Chankheli Pass at 3586m amsl

BBC Radio 4 - Road Stories, Nepal
by: RAP 3      on: 5th Feb, 2016

Here are radio stories link to BBC from Miles Warde, the BBC radio journalist who visited Dailekh around a year ago with DFID team and Arjun Poudel, RAP Deputy Programme Manager. The stories already aired through BBC radio is on road maintenance from Dailekh.

Implementation Year 2 Performance
by: RAP 3      on: 5th Feb, 2016

The end of January saw the close of Implementation Year Two (IY2) and a review of performance in terms of Results measured against Targets for the year, which are derived from the RAP3 LogFrame. The yardstick is simple – On Target, On Time and On Budget. RAP’s IY2 performance was as follows:

  •     Progress against IY2 Targets = 117%
  •     Time elapsed in IY2 = 100%
  •     Financial Progress against IY2 budget =100.59%

 In short this means RAP3 produced 17% more progress than expected for the same budget in the same time period as planned and was able to demonstrate very good value for money, which should keep the accountants among us reasonably happy!

New Management Systems TL Starts
by: RAP 3      on: 4th Feb, 2016

James Walton joined us last month as the Management Systems Team Leader. This makes him responsible for leading both the Finance and Administration Teams and therefore financial management, including financial reporting and forecasting, the Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs) against which our results based contract are invoiced and paid, off site Health and Safety and Human Resources. He will also advise on Value for Money, Payment by Results, Anti-Corruption, Fiduciary Risk Analysis (FRA) and contract administration. He will also work part time as the VfM Advisor on the new DFID funded project won by IMC and called Accelerating Infrastructure in Nepal (AIIN).

Early Warning of Road Blockages
by: RAP 3      on: 4th Feb, 2016

Morang DDC, with support from RAP3, is piloting an Early Warning Information System to deal with road blockages. It is based on the use of mobile phones carried by Road Maintenance Groups working on the 360 km of DRCN maintained by the DDC. On finding a road blockage the RMG instantly informs their Social Mobiliser Officer (SMO) who in turn contacts the respective site In-charge and RAP’s District Team Leader who in turn report to the DDC/DTO. If within the RMG’s capacity, immediate action will be authorised to clear the obstruction. For larger blockages DDC/DTO will mobilise machines or use other appropriate responses.