Field Monitoring of Sallisalla-Darma DR, Humla
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Jun, 2015

A joint monitoring team comprising Humla district officers and district political party representatives visited RAP3 corridor (Sallisalla-Darma District Road corridor) on 20th June 2015. The team, accompanied by DTAs, walked along the road corridor, observed the construction work progress and had also interaction with RBGs members. The visiting team members included, Chief District Officer Mr. Krishna Bahadur Katuwal, District Superintendent of Police Mr. Krishna Bahadur Kunwar, District Nepali Congress Secretary Mr. Mohan Bikram Singh, District NCP(UML) President Mr. Dal Rawal, UCPN (Maoist) Mr. Barkha Bahadur Shahi (also LRCC chair Darma).

SED Visits Jumla
by: RAP 3      on: 24th Jun, 2015

The TMO SED team spent a busy week in the field on a monitoring visit to Jumla where they had the following meeting schedule:

  1. Jumla Veg06 Vegetable Group Dittalihi (FBS class)
  2. Jumla Seed02 Carrot Seed Group Tharpamasta, Narakot
  3. Jumla  NTFP05 NTFP Odigaon, Badki 6,7,8
  4. Jumla Markt01 Market Management Committee, Sanigaon (Sera)
  5. Jumla Markt02 Market Management Committee, Narakot (plus various BSP, and Fruit Subcommittee, Producer group chairmen (Veg, Fruit, NTFP), VDC Secretary)
  6. Jumla Trader01 Fruit and Veg trader/resource person at Nagma, Narakot Agrovet (FBS01)
  7. Not yet engaged BSP: Agrovet & Metal workshop at Narakot, NTFP Trader at Odigaon
  8. KEPTA-cum-VDC Road Badki 
  9. Narakot Agriculture CTVET School Principal

Rather than read a report we thought we would try pictures only!

DDC Bajura Field Visit
by: RAP 3      on: 24th Jun, 2015

On 20-21 June 2015 the DDC Bajura and RAP3 organised a field visit for DDC /DTO officials, political parties, Journalists and Local Road Coordination Committee members to observe RAP3 road construction works along with some socio development activities implemented by roads building groups in Toli VDC. At the end of the visit a debriefing meeting was organised where the participants discussed the quality of road and labour intensive approach, including rock cutting works done manually by the Road Building groups (RBG) which makes the use of bull dozers unnecessary. Income generating activities initiated by the RBG members were also discussed together with the need for markets systems to sell RBG products. Photos show meeting with RBG and RBG vegetable products under cultivation.

Sindhupalchowk Update – 23 June
by: RAP 3      on: 23rd Jun, 2015

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to the people of Prestwick and Ayr in Scotland who raised funds to support the relief efforts in Nepal following the April and May earthquakes.  In particular we’d like to thank the 65 Club in Prestwick for hosting the main fund raising event and Texas Gun for providing the entertainment at no cost. We received a total of £1,322 mainly from the people and organisations listed below along with numerous others who contributed raffle prizes and private donations. These include 65 Club, Prestwick, Southern Star Country and Western Club members, Ayr, Royal British Legion Scotland, Monkton and Prestwick branch members, St Margaret’s Cathedral Parishioners, Mrs Brenda O’Shea, Jennifer’s Beauty Salon, Prestwick Toll, RAFA Branch, Ayr and Prestwick and Texas Gun.

The funds are being distributed equally among 58 families who were employed as Road Maintenance Groups (RMGs) by RAP3 at the time of the earthquake and whose houses collapsed beyond repair. Each family will receive the equivalent ¾ of their monthly salary, while RAP3 has decided to support these same families by giving them a further one month’s salary.

The Scottish funds been given to RAP3 through family connections between the above contributors and our Deputy Programme Manager, Kirsteen Merrilees.  The funds are fully traceable through our accounts and each RMG member will sign receipt for the funds. We will apply our standard public audit process for making these payments. Also no administrative charges will apply to these funds as a gesture of thanks by RAP3 to those who raised the funds in Scotland.

Off-farm IG Training
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Jun, 2015

A three month long collaboration between CSIDB, NCCSP and RAP3 at Dhamali on the processing and knitting of Vhimal and Allo has been organised for marginalised group members at Dhamali in Achham District. Training has been organised to develop local knowledge and capacity to add value and identify potential business and market opportunities which can be accessed independently by the all group participants via roads maintained by the DDC with support from RAP3.

TMO SED visit Achham
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Jun, 2015

SED Nirmal Gyalang visited Achham from 12th to 14th June 2015 on a monitoring and verification trip to Income Generation (IG) groups, including vegetable, goat and spice groups and Business Service Providers (BSPs). He also inspected Economic Infrastructure (EI) works including irrigation ponds and rustic stores in Toshi and Dhamali, implemented by SED partner organisation Practical Action/SEBAC-Nepal. RAP is assisting the DDC to maintain districts roads in Achham so that IG groups are able to access both local and regional markets.

Producer to Entrepreneur
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Jun, 2015

Bharat Bahadur Rawal, 29 is permanent of Shantada VDC Achham belongs to the Koladanda Vegetable Group. Like other members of the group he is growing vegetables on his land. The Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) in the VDC helped him to purchase a small processing unit grinding chilly and turmeric and he has a plan for building his business to a commercial scale by selling to regional and district markets. RAP/SED is planning to support him for the commercial scale development of both spices vegetables.

Becoming an Agro Vet Owner
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Jun, 2015

Prayagraj Neupane of Batulasain VDC, Achham, with no agriculture or business experience has established himself as an Agro Vet owner with the help of RAP3s SED programme. Trained to establish an Agrovet business in his locality. SED helped him get started with a 50 % grant to cover his initial establishment costs. He is trades in veterinary medicines, seeds, equipment and services under technical guidance from RAP3, selling NRs 2000 a day, has a monthly income of NRs 15000-20000 and directly and indirectly he services some 1000 households.

Turmeric cultivation
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Jun, 2015

Mrs. Sarudevi Bk of Batulasain VDC in Achham has 2 sons, three daughters and a husband whose small land holding cannot support the family year round. As an illiterate dalit she had no opportunity to earn any income before the arrival of the RAP3 SED programme. She and her group were put in touch with local service providers and she became a lead farmer of tumaric. She received an entrepreneur award on Women’s Day, 2014, and believes that turmeric farming could provide her family and the wider dalit community with a brighter future as part of the emergence of a local commercial economy in Achham.

Traditional to modern business
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Jun, 2015

Five entrepreneurs in Achham have established a commercial venture as blacksmiths in Khalbazzar, following a 5 month blacksmith training coordination with The Cottage and Small Industry Development Board (CSIDB) Achham. RAP3’s SED programme also provided them 3 days of business plan preparation training. Specialising in Khukuri production products are marketed with the support of Kshitiz Cooperative and have average monthly incomes of around Nrs 10,000/per person.