Sindhupalchowk Update 26 May
by: RAP 3      on: 26th May, 2015

Road Clearance Operations

Cluster No. 1:

  • Sildhunga Tauthali Tekanppur (23DR035) has been cleared. Slides cleared near ch. 0+300, 0+800, 1+200, 1+600, 2+000, 2+600, 3+200, 4+800, 5+800, 6+700, 7+400, 8+600.
  • Local users informed about the blockage of Gaurishankar Himal road (23VR105). SAME to visit the road.

Cluster No. 2:

  • Local users informed about the blockage of Jalkine Narsingdand Jhyadi road (23D041). SAME to visit the road.

Cluster No. 3:

  • Kiul Bagar Nigale Sermathan road (23DR002; 12.0 km length) clearing work has been stopped due to the breakdown of JCB, trying to hire another JCB.

Road Condition Status

SAMEs collecting road condition status of all 3 clusters.

Road Maintenance Groups

Updating of status of existing RMG members is continuing.


Sindhupalchowk Update - Before and After
by: RAP 3      on: 25th May, 2015

In their daily despatch to RAP3 management here in Kathmandu for the 25th of May, the RAP3 team in Sindhupalchowk have posted photographs of Dauchet-Keureni-Bashkharka-Baruwa road before and after it was cleared by excavator as part of the emergency maintenance response to the recent earthquakes.


Sindhupalchowk Update – 22nd May
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd May, 2015

Reports reaching us from the RAP3 team in Sindhupalchowk late Friday afternoon are that 98% of the District Road Core Network allocated to RAP3 is now open while 73% of the network of village roads associated with these roads have now been opened up to traffic. An excellent effort on the part of the RAP3 team in the district and please keep up the good work.


The New Meeting Room!
by: RAP 3      on: 20th May, 2015

Having just constructed a new meeting room from the old car port in the RAP3 compound, the damage to the DOLIDAR building has meant that our Coordination Team has had to relocate, together with the DOLIDAR SWAp team and our Programme Coordinator. As a result meetings are now held in the garden regularly. Photo shows tarpaulin tent put up for any people who wish to stay outside rather than inside.

Sindhupalchowk Update – 18th May
by: RAP 3      on: 18th May, 2015





  1. The RAP team attended a meeting with a JICA team at the CDO’s office yesterday and presented the District road status following the latest earthquake and early recovery effort.
  2. SAMEs are assessing road condition status in the district.
  • SAME Tanka Sapkota has moved to Bahrabise and reports that the Sindhunga-Tauthali-Tekanpur road is clear and open to traffic. Other roads in this area could not be accessed due to active slides/rock falling.
  • SAME Ram Sing Bohara reports that the Melamchi-Tipeni-Bhotang road is open apart from clearing a landslide at Tipeni.
  1. Chautara – Relief materials Storage Camp Access Road: Works on the verge of completion. Material dumping and laying work is in progress on an increased length to reduce the. Compaction work could not be started yesterday because the contractor could not manage JCB and roller. Compaction of gravel will start today.
  2. Road clearing work on the Timbu-Doring-Nakote road will be started today.
  3. The Balefi-Jalbire-Tembathan road has been opened by DoR and DDC up to Kartike,
  4. Participated on the meeting of cluster heads yesterday morning and presented the road recovery status of the district.
  5. SNRTP team returned back to Chautara from a field yesterday. Participated on meeting with DTO Chief and SNRTP team and discussed about the status of roads in the district. SNRTP informed that they will start work in district after 2 weeks.
  6. Demolition and debris management work of DDC/DTO building started yesterday with the technical help of UNDP and IOM.
Sindhupalchowk Update - 15th May
by: RAP 3      on: 15th May, 2015

Our field teams have reported back on the condition of rural roads in the district following the May 12th earthquake. Some 23 district and village roads have been blocked. The count as of 14th May was as follows: Bahrabise 9 roads, Chautara 9 roads and Melamchi 5 roads blocked. Work will continue over the weekend to get these roads opened.


Rural Access Programme 3 (RAP 3)- Early Recovery Efforts in Sindhupalchowk

Summary Status of Road Opening and Blockage in Sindhupalchowk - District Road Core Network (DRCN)




Cluster #

Summary of

Total Road length(Km)

Length opened

Opened DRCN length




Constituency No. 1 (Bahrabise)




4 VRCN as alternate DRCN



Constituency No. 2 (Chautara)







Constituency No. 3 (Melamchi)














  Remaining length(km)to be opened


↑ Road opened in percentage


Rural Access Programme 3 (RAP 3) - Early Recovery Efforts in Sindhupalchowk

Summary Status of Road Opening and Blockage in Sindhupalchowk - Village Roads (VRCN)

No. Roads

Cluster #

Summary of

Total Road length(Km)

Length opened





Constituency No. 1 (Bahrabise)







Constituency No. 2 (Chautara)







Constituency No. 3 (Melamchi)














Remaining length(km) to be opened



↑ Road opened in percentage


May 12th Earthquake in Sindhupalchowk
by: RAP 3      on: 14th May, 2015

A remarkable photo of the May 12th earthquake as it happened in Chautara. The Bazaar road is now blocked and many buildings in a dangerous condition. A bypass is having to be opened to get relief supplies into the army camp.

Sindhupalchowk Update - 13 May
by: RAP 3      on: 14th May, 2015

DDRC - Day began with RAP attending District Disaster Relief Coordination meeting in District Administration Office at 7:30 am.





  1.  There is no electricity in Chautara
  2. Balephi Jalbire Tembathan Road has been blocked due to land slide after yesterday’s earthquake. SAME BL Niraula and SE Hem Shrestha moved to the site to access the road blockage. They have informed us of a massive land slide at ch. 9+000. This is still active and JCB could not clear the slide. It is very risky to work in the active slide.
  3. JCB mobilized to Naubise Fulpingkot Jalbire road to clear slide.
  4. Movement of vehicle thorough Chautara bazar has blocked due to the debris of collapsed and tilted buildings. Field visited with DTO sub engineers for assessment of Chautara bazaar bypass road “Chautara campus-Army Gate-Gairagaun-Gumba road” and estimate is being prepared by DTO sub engineers,
  5. Chautara – Relief materials Storage Camp Access Road: Works on the verge of completion but it was noted that the length needs to be increased to reduce the high grade. Work is disturbed by the yesterday’s quake.


Local users reported blockages of the following roads due to the earth quake of 12 May 2015:

  1. Melanchi Tipeni Bhotang road,
  2. Bahrabise Khagdal Karthali road,
  3. Sunkoshi Dhuskun Piskar road,

Staff could not be mobilized to Melamchi and Bahrabise areas due to continued aftershocks of earth quake. SAME BL Niraula is in field at Naubise and other staff are in Chautara.  Photo shows RAP3 office/accommodation tent in Chautara.




Second Earthquake Strikes Nepal
by: RAP 3      on: 13th May, 2015

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck 50 km east of Kathmandu near Namche Bazaar yesterday May 12th, according to the United States Geological Survey. Tremors were felt throughout the region. Reports from RAP3’s Early Recovery Team in Sindhupalchowk reaching us today are that seven roads, cleared in the last six days by RAP after the 25th April earthquake, are blocked again.

Sindhupalchowk Update – 12th May
by: RAP 3      on: 13th May, 2015

On May 6th MOFALD’s RAP 3, which is supported by UK Aid, mobilised a joint DDC/RAP3 team to open up blocked rural roads preventing rescue and relief supplies reaching severely affected areas in the district. Reports reaching RAP3 from Sindhupalchowk before the second earthquake struck on May 12th were that the field teams had opened nearly 90% of the 600 km of district roads and 70% of 260 km of village roads. We also have reports that the second earthquake yesterday caused further landslides that are blocking the local road network. Our field teams are currently re-assessing the situation.