RAP3 Steering Committee Meeting
by: RAP 3      on: 30th Jan, 2015

On 29th January 2015 the RAP3 Steering Committee held its Trimesterly Meeting to review and endorse the Implementation Plan for Year 2 which will run from 1st Feb 2015 to 31st January 2016. Chaired by the Secretary, MOFALD, Dr Som Lal Subedi, the meeting was attended by representatives of DFID, MOFALD, NPC, MOF, DOLIDAR, ADDCN and RAP3. Following a presentation by the RAP3 Programme Manager the Year 2 Plan was endorsed by the Committee and now awaits approval by DFID

LRN Implementation Manual
by: RAP 3      on: 27th Jan, 2015

The RAP3 LRN team have launched the ‘LRN Implementation Manual’ this week. The aim of the LRN Implementation Manual is to provide all members of the LRN team with the details of where the documents and procedures required to deliver the LRN component of phase 3 of the Rural Access Programme can be found and to ensure that all District teams are working from the current version of all documents and procedures. As a result, the LRN Implementation Manual is presented in a lever arch folder so that updated procedures and documents can easily be removed and replaced with the new version as required. The manual can also be downloaded from the RAP website –

Launch of Communications and Anti-Corruption Strategy
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jan, 2015

The flag ship for these initiatives has just been approved by DFID and will consist of a half hour FM weekly radio show to be called “Bikashko Baato” or “Path to Development”. Produced by the Antenna Foundation, the expectation is that using community radio for regular two-way communication with the isolated communities in which RAP works will help these communities to:

  • Take ownership of RAP3’s contribution to their own development;
  • Hold RAP staff and partners, other development programme teams, and local government officers to account;
  • Identify, discuss and challenge corruption.

A free phone line to Antenna will be provided as a “Whistle Blower” facility for the public to assist RAP3 to promote transparency.

District Web Pages under Preparation
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jan, 2015




District Profile


The Delivery Team


Group Photo


What’s New


Employment Results


LRN Results


Annual LRN Calendar










Works Progress


Road Safety


SED Results


Annual SED Calendar


Trail Bridges


Income Generation


Economic Infrastructure


Capacity Building Results


Annual CB events




District CIM Performance


Annual CPD Events


Training Events


Annual Support Plan


PMV Results


Risk Management




Quality Management


Financial Management



In order to make it easier for people to see what is happening and track progress in each RAP3 against expected results in Year 2 we are preparing web pages for each district. These pages will provide information on the results and topics listed below to allow members of the public access to information about what is happening in their districts. The District pages first draft is due for completion on 14th February, St Valentine’s Day!


RAP3 Road Safety Forum
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jan, 2015

The RAP3 Road Safety Forum, started last October during Road Safety Training and currently comprises DTLs from Morang and Dailekh, where safety is being piloted in coordination with a central team comprising of LRN Asset Management Specialist (Manoj) and Graduate Engineers (Niran and Ayasta). The Forum attempts to promote safer roads by integrating safety into road maintenance using low cost engineering measures.

The objectives of the Road Safety Forum are:

  • Promote safer roads by incorporating safety into road maintenance through its integration into the annual Rapid Condition Survey.
  • Collection of accident data from RAP3 districts.
  • Analysis of accident data to identify ‘accident blackspots’ in the road alignment.
  • Support district teams in formulating low cost safety measures for implementation.
  • Provide a platform to share ideas and experience.
First Year Results
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jan, 2015

As RAP3 prepares to start its second year of implementation we have been assessing first year LogFrame results. As can be seen below in all cases RAP either exceeded or met its targets. 

Expected Contribution to Results in Year 2
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jan, 2015

With the drafting of the Year 2 Implementation Plan now complete we are able to report on the results we hope to achieve in the next 12 months in terms of indicators for employment generated, Km of LRN maintained and constructed, Socio Economic Development (SED) targets for lifting ex RAP2 Road Building Groups out of poverty and Capacity Building targets to improve service delivery by RAP3 districts. 

Continuing Professional Development Programme for LRN
by: RAP 3      on: 26th Jan, 2015

This is part of efforts to promote the engineering profession’s performance in the LRN sector, RAP3 will launch its CPD programme starting 2015 February. The programme is linked to the Annual LRN Project Cycle and requires district team leaders to conduct one day “refresher” training before the start of major events for DTO staff, support consultants and RAP3 TA. Topics include annual Road Condition Survey, preparation of ARAMP, procurement and supervision, based around the new LRN Manual.. Linked to the LRN Annual Engineering training material the CPD programme requires refresher trainees to sit assessments for which they earn credits and Certificates of Competency. All participants get an additional six days of self-learning which is linked to a small stipend.