Capacity Building Strategy
by: RAP 3      on: 15th Aug, 2014

The Capacity Building Strategy for RAP3 was prepared in August 2014 and supports GON ambitions for an RTI Sector Approach, (RTI SWAp) whose objectives are 1) to promote harmonisation of donor and GON activities in the sector; 2) adopt a single, GON-led, RTI policy and common approaches to RTI. 3) improve RTI governance and capacity at local and central levels of GON and 4) improve the performance of private sector. Improving service delivery in this way is seeing a new generation of RTI programmes where external partners are increasingly using local procedures investing in long term capacity and systems development and process orientation linked to learning by doing. RAP3’s strategic approach is shown as a two way process between central GON (DOLIDAR) and the district GON with pilot districts being used as test beds before roll out to core districts and other programme districts.

Extension of Internship Programme
by: RAP 3      on: 10th Aug, 2014

With the first 6 month intake of interns in RAP3 coming to a close at the end of September 2014 adverts have been placed in the press inviting interest in a second batch of 6 month internships starting 1st of October 2014. It is hoped that adding 16 places a year will encourage young engineers to opt for LRN work in RAP3 and build expertise in the engineering sector. Existing interns will be invited to join a new Graduate Programme which will be modelled on the British ICE’s Continual Professional Development Programme with up to six working days of study leave provided by RAP3.

First Joint Meeting of RAP3 Service Providers
by: RAP 3      on: 2nd Aug, 2014

The first joint meeting of the RAP3 service providers was held on 21st August in the Chambers of the DOLIDAR RAP3 Coordinator. Present were the DFID RAP3 Coordinator and representatives of the three contracts that make up the programme, including RAP3 Implementation (IMC), Karnali Employment Programme TA (Oxford Policy) and Monitoring, Evaluation and Lesson Learning (itad). In future it is proposed to link these meetings with the monthly DOLIDAR reporting schedule and to coordinate initiatives by all three service providers.