Collaborative to uplift Dalits in Achham District
by: RAP 3      on: 27th May, 2014

Rural Dalit blacksmiths have a long tradition of making and repairing basic farm tools but earnings are hardly enough to feed theirfamilies. They lack new skills and resources to upgrade their enterprises. In one month's time, a skill development course will be organised jointly by RAP 3 together with the District Cottage and Small Industries Development Board (CSIDB), KshitizCooperative of Muzabagar and the VDCs of Santada, Batulasen and Ramaroshan.

A total of 10 blacksmiths have been selected for training through the VDC level Dalit network with the facilitation and support of RAP Social Mobilisers. In the first phase of this four-month course, the trainees will learn modern and effective techniques to mold and chisel metals, while the second phase will concentrate on more advanced skills in sharpening and shining tools as sought by the market.

CSIDB will provide Rs 250,000 for the first phase training and support the second phase training by recruiting experienced trainers who are on their roster. The Kshitiz Cooperative of farmers will set up an improved blacksmith factory (Sudhariyako Aran) for training and later employing the blacksmiths. The cooperative will invest Rs 150,000, RAP 3 Rs 180,000 and the three VDCs Rs 50,000 each from the Dalit fund of VDC budget. The factory will be run by Kshitiz cooperative and issue Rs330,000 worth of shares to the blacksmiths, providing full time employment and ownership of the factory. As the factory expands, it will provide employment to other people in the area.

Tackling Quality Issues in Dadeldhura
by: RAP 3      on: 27th May, 2014

A construction material testing laboratory has been set up in Dadeldhura with support from RAP 3.  It includes apparatus already procured by the DDC, with RAP 3 adding new equipment under the Annual Support Plan to the district and through the Supervision Consultant’s contract. Located in the DTO’s office, a senior lab technician has been deputed for testing works under the Supervision Consultant Contract. The lab can provide general testing services like sieve analysis, compressive strength test of concrete and mortar, Zinc coating of Galvanised iron wire, Atterberg’s limits, maximum dry and field densities and Flakiness and Elongation Index of aggregates. It is expected that this lab will serve various works and projects in the district as well as neighbouring districts.

RAP 2 Bridges Win British Expertise Award
by: RAP 3      on: 13th May, 2014

Against some very impressive competition at this year's British Expertise International Awards, IMC Worldwide won the award for Outstanding International Development Project 2014 for the DFID-funded Sabha Khola and Arun River Bridge Project, Nepal.

Managing Director, Gavin English wrote that “Winning this award is deserved acknowledgement of the outstanding work and commitment of all of our staff but in particular Tim Stiff (second from right in the photo) and the RAP staff in Nepal. The award also recognises the commitment of DFID and their staff in Nepal to make a difference for the poor people of Nepal through economic and infrastructure development in some of the most remote areas of Nepal.”  

Minister Inaugurates RAP Road Works in Jumla
by: RAP 3      on: 13th May, 2014

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Prakash Man Singh being greeted by a RAP worker at the inauguration of RAP maintenance works in Jumla on 3 May 2014. Jumla is one of four core districts in the far west of the country that RAP is assisting with maintenance of existing district roads and related socio economic development initiatives.


Programme Manager Goes "Walkabout" in North Western Districts
by: RAP 3      on: 13th May, 2014

There are no district roads in Humla or Mugu in the far north west of the country so Michael, together with Kirsteen and six-year-old son Jack, decided to walk the alignments of possible roads from Simikot to Gamgadhi and on to Jumla. They carried their food, camping equipment and back packs for 100km as the crow flies – from the snow in the background of this picture to the snow in the foreground. Michael lost 5 kilos in the process, Kirsteen 3, and Jack became a proficient muleteer!

Mugu Bulldozing Takes Jobs From RAP Workers
by: RAP 3      on: 13th May, 2014

The bulldozing of 2.5km of the RAP road from Gamgadhi to Dhaina and Dulachaur by the DDC has reduced the amount of work available to those who work on the road. After visiting the site and discussing with workers during a trip to Mugu, RAP road engineers have agreed to allow widening of the 2.5m track opening to provide additional employment for the RBGs this season.

RAP 3 Internships
by: RAP 3      on: 13th May, 2014

As part of its efforts to build capacity in the engineering sector in Nepal, RAP 3 now has an internship programme. Seven young civil engineering graduates, including two women, were appointed after adverts were placed in the local press asking candidates to say what an internship would mean to them. The internships are for a period of six months during which the seven will work in RAP districts developing their practical skills in the field. Rebuilding this trail bridge in Humla is the sort of practical project they could carry out for the local communities in which they are working.

Road Safety
by: RAP 3      on: 13th May, 2014

As part of a response to the recommendations in the Nepal Road Sector Assessment Study (2014) RAP has invited Road Safety Expert Roger Legassick to Kathmandu to prepare a road safety assessment manual. This will be used in the annual road condition surveys used to prepare Local Road Network (LRN) maintenance works in RAP districts. They will also be used to promote road safety on the RAP road construction programme. Roger will be assisted by two of our RAP interns to prepare for training courses in September for those involved in the surveys and NGO staff in teaching road safety in local schools.