National UK Newspaper Feature on RAP Bridge
by: RAP 3      on: 28th Mar, 2014

British Journalist, Steve Myall, recently visited Eastern Nepal to meet the communities whose lives have been immeasurably improved by the newly opened Arun River Bridge - constructed under RAP 2. Steve was moved by stories from people such as Pramila Gautam who recently underwent emergency hospital treatment for a burst appendix "the other people in the village hired a car and drove me over the new bridge and through the night and I survived," she says. Before the bridge, Pramila would almost certainly have died. Read the full story in the Mirror Online here

Formal Inauguration of Sallisalla-Darma District Road Corridor
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Mar, 2014

On 21st March, the formal inauguration of the RAP 3 Sallisalla-Darma District Road corridor, in the district of Humla, took place. The ceremony was presided over by Darma's  Local Road Coordination Committee Chair, Mr Barkha Bahadur Shahi, in the presence of around hundred people.

First Road Maintenance Group Orientation Workshop Held in Biratnagar
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Mar, 2014

RAP 3 TMO engineers held the first Road Maintenance Group (RMG) Orientation workshop in Biratnagar, covering the five central and eastern RAP 3 districts on 18th March. The workshop was attended by a team comprising each district’s Support Consultant, the RAP 3 DTL, a representative from each DDC, and the RAP 3 Project Coordinator from DoLIDAR. The one-day workshop covered all aspects of the new RMG approach and guidelines which are to be launched as a full-scale long-term pilot across 10 Districts. The initiative will bring the majority of the trafficable DRCN under routine and recurrent maintenance. A similar workshop covering the western cluster of five ‘maintenance Districts’ is planned for 27th March in Nepalgunj.

Construction Training Underway in Kalikot
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Mar, 2014

Construction training was provided to 108 RBG members on the Sanighat-Phukot-Syuna-Shipkhana District Road, Kalikot,  in the second week of March. A number of  training events took place at  four  different locations on the road corridor, focusing on methods of road construction e.g. earthworks, gabion and dry wall;  safety at work sites; and payment procedures. Construction itself is set to get underway by the end of March. 


New Road Construction Underway in Bajura
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Mar, 2014

Construction of the RAP 3 road in Bajura District (Maure-Kailashmandu and Maure –Toli-Chhatara) is officially underway. The inauguration ceremony, presided over by the Honourable Minister for Industry Mr Karna Bahadur Thapa, took place on 9th of March  2014. Representatives of major political parties, the Chief District Officer and representatives of government line agencies were all in attendance alongside the general public. Construction of this road is expected to provide employment opportunities for over 1440 poverty-hit households living along the road corridors for a period of three years.

Major Procurements Launched
by: RAP 3      on: 17th Mar, 2014

Bulk procurements have been launched for ‘Gum Boots’ and ‘Galvanised Gabion Baskets’. RAP 3 is supplying all RBG members with a set of safety boots which feature a steel toe-cap and protect the foot and ankle against injury. Around 6,000 pairs will be supplied. Bulk purchase of pre-woven gabion boxes has also started, in preparation for building retaining structures to support the new road construction.  Adverts inviting bids for both initiatives were launched this week.

Orientation Training for Road Maintenance Group Approach
by: RAP 3      on: 17th Mar, 2014

RAP 3 is set to conduct two sets of orientation workshops aimed at introducing support consultants and key DDC staff to the new Road Maintenance Group (RMG) approach. These workshops will take place at Biratnagar on 18th and Nepalgunj on 27th  March.  RMGs will be engaged across RAP 3’s 10 maintenance districts and offer an exciting new approach to making routine maintenance a feature on all trafficable DRCN roads in the Programme area.

Annual Review of RAP 3
by: RAP 3      on: 14th Mar, 2014

Only four months into our implementation phase, field trips supporting the RAP 3 Annual Review began on 10th March. The draft review is due by April and the final Report by May, one year after IMC were instructed by DFID to commence work on the inception phase. For progress reports on RAP 3 inception and implementation visit our Knowledge Hub.

Construction Work Underway in Mugu
by: RAP 3      on: 14th Mar, 2014

The inauguration of construction works of the Shreenager-Gilaha  section of the Shreenager-Dhaina-Dhulachour district road took place on 22nd February. Representatives from local government, the press and political parties all took part in digging the road to celebrate the start of construction. Onsite Road Building Group (RBG) training is now underway.

RAP 3 Monitoring and Evaluation
by: RAP 3      on: 14th Mar, 2014

Having helped the team with the preparation of the internal monitoring and evaluation system for RAP3 components, Martin Whiteside is back on the 17th March to review field level implementation of the system in the western core districts and finalise the system ready for incorporation in RAPID. He will also be working with the independent Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning consultants (MEL) and DFID to finalise the overall RAP3 log frame which DFID will use to measure the success of RAP3 implementation.