LRN Engineering Course Materials

Theme 1: Planning

                                                Module 1A: RAP3 LRN Overview (Intro to Planning)

                                                Module 1B: DTMP

                                                Module 1C: ARAMP 1

                                                Module 1D: Rapid Condition Survey and Compilation and analysis of information

                                                Module 1E: ARAMP 2

                                                Module 1F: ARAMP Practical

                                                Module 1G: Implementation Plan

Theme 2: Design

                                                Module 2A: Nepal Rural Road Standards (Intro to Design)

                                                Module 2B: Stage 1 Survey and Design

                                                Module 2C: Stage 2 Survey and Design Detailing

                                                Module 2D: Maintenance/Improvement Design

                                                Module 2E: Environmental Design

Theme 3: Procurement

                                                Module 3A: Intro to Procurement

                                                Module 3B: Public Procurement Act & Rules

                                                Module 3C: Procurement Plan

                                                Module 3D: RAP3 Procurement Procedures (in detail)

                                                Module 3E: Detailed Bid Evaluation

                                               Module 3F: Completeness of Bids

                                              Module 3G: Pre-Contract Award Procedures

Theme 4: Implementation

                                                Module 4A: Intro to Implementation

                                                Module 4B: Contract Administration

                                                Module 4C: Coditions of Contract

                                                Module 4D: Quality Management Plan

                                                Module 4E: Work Supervision

                                                Module 4F: Environmental Management

                                                Module 4G: Works Measurement and Valuation

                                                Module 4H: RMG Refresher

                                               Ethics Module