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How will the programme benefit the poor even after the programme ends?

CONNECT will open up lucrative opportunities to individuals by removing key constraints – reducing the risks to investment and developing an enabling environment - in a sustainable manner that goes beyond the period of interventions.

How does developing a market system lead to poverty reduction?

Socio Economic Development is necessary to change the way in which the poor participate within the market system, going beyond access to identifying and removing constraints to meaningful participation. CONNECT will leverage the access RAP3 creates and keeps open, to make business work for the poor by acting as a connector, enabler and accelerator.

Where will we be working?

As the main aim of CONNECT is to stimulate increased income generation through market system development, it follows that activities should be focused on the RAP3 Maintenance Districts, Achham, Dailekh, Doti and Jumla as only these districts have the completed road networks required for markets to flourish. The exception to this is Bajura District where a good road network already exists.

How will we improve access to markets?

CONNECT will help improve access to markets through multiple programme activities, designed to remove key constraints to economic growth in the region – reducing the risks to investment and developing an enabling environment.  CONNECT will

  • leverage private sector investment to demonstrate that there is value in taking reasonable risks to scale up existing businesses and to give the confidence that any viable business idea can be developed into an enterprise and
  • provide platforms to improve local leadership and promote entrepreneurship, targeting women and youth.

Activities aim to facilitate smart connections and support a more inclusive local enabling environment that encourages commercial participation.

How will we ensure that solutions are sustainable?

CONNECT is tasked with promoting long-term catalytic and sustainable change. We want to work with our partners to think strategically about how we can ensure the enduring success of our work so that the impact is felt and enjoyed long after the CONNECT team have left so exit strategies for each pilot and partnership are considered at the design stage.  We are trialling a new programme of work through a series of pilots and partnerships and will learn as we progress, capturing learning in real time about how well our approaches are working. The programme design leaves space for us to adapt our approach to respond to learnings.