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PMV Results


Explanation/tips/guideline for report preparation

There is nine sheets (excluding instruction) in the workbook and the CORE district needs to go through the all sheets whereas the NON CORE districts don’t need to fill the SED sheet and GoN Budget sheet.

The district has to type district name and date in the Overall SUMMARY sheet only, which is linked in other sheets.

In the format, please don’t leave the cell blank. If the topic /heading is not applicable to your district, type N.A.(not applicable), if there is no activity in that particular cell type No and/or type 0for figure.

In summary sheet most of the data/information can be derived/linked from other corresponding component (LRN, SED, CBID) sheet; so copy and paste the information where it is applicable.

Disadvantaged Group (DAG) represents Dalits and Project Affected Families (PAFs)

Traffic light is used to show the progress status in general. The color applies as per the following:

If the progress matches with plan



If the progress up to 15% behind



If the progress more than 15% behind



As there are some suggestion and instruction text boxes in the sheet, you can delete these boxes after perceiving the message.

To have consistency in file name of different report format, it is suggested to use this simple rupe to create the file name

District code to be use in the file name of different report format, it is suggested to use this simple rule to create the file name. District code to be use for reporting purpose is as follows

Achham=69ACH          Bajura=67BAJ              Dadeldhura=73DAI                  Dailekh=60DAI

Doti=70DOT                Humla=66HUM            Jhapa=04JHA                          Jumla=63JUM

Kalikot=64KAL             Morang=05MOR          Mugu=65MUG                         Parbat=44PAR

Sankhuwasabha=09SAN                      Sindhupalchowk=23SIN

As an example for Dailekh district progress report (month/year):

For PMV format                       60DAI-PMV Progress-June 2014

For LRN format                        60DAI-LRN Progress-June 2014


For SED format                        60DAI-SED Progress-June 2014