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Human Resources Information System (HRIS) training


On 2nd and 3rd Sep 2017, two days HRIS Training for DTA Jumla Staff was held at RAP3 DTA Office Jumla. The training was facilitated by Finance and Admin Officer Sandip Khanal. The training commenced with theoretical introduction to HRIS application system and its importance in record keeping. Later it moved on, practical session of requesting field work, leave, updating movement, updating month planner and generating time sheet on basis of those activities. He also explained in detail about method of viewing personal profile, leave records, roundtrips, RAP3 holidays (compulsory or optional) and other reverent information of HR manual. All unclear issues of staff are addressed by him and the training session was considered as fruitful and advantageous for future reference. He also provided a brief introduction to new HRIS application during the training session.