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CPD training


As part of the capacity building under Continual Professional Development (CPD) RAP3 DTA conducted four days of LRN training from 1st - 4th June 2017 to DTO/SC/RAP staff. LDO Hari Narayan Belbase and CDE Raj Kumar Goit delivered short speeches during the opening session and requested all the members to actively participate in the training. The LRN courses were delivered by Prabhash Pokharel (GE), Ram Krishna Sharma (SAME) and Binod Yadav (IE) covering all the modules of Procurement, Implementation, Quality Control and Bio-engineering. Altogether 14 members attended the training out of which 9 members were from DTO and 5 from RAP3 DTA. An examination was conducted at the end where Binod Yadav (IE) obtained the highest mark (81.25%) from RAP3 DTA and Chudamani Bhatt (Sub-engineer) obtained highest mark (72.50%) from DTO staff