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Annual Review Workshop


On September 12, 2017 Annual Review Workshop and discussion for municipal engagement strategy was conducted at Hotel Mansarowar, Jumla. The program was initiated by nomination of Chairperson and Chief Guest, DCC Chairperson Lal Bahadur Sharki, Vice-chairperson Karma Buda, CDO Bishnu Prasad Kharal and heads of all Municipalities/Rural Municipalities. Acting LDO/DE Raj Kumar Goit delivered short welcome speech along with the clarification of the objectives of the review program. RAP 3 RTL Rajendra Kumar Shrestha enlightened the RAP 3 overview and financial and physical progress of maintenance work in the district. Hom Nath Lamsal highlighted the possibilities of future involvement of RAP 3 in Jumla district. All participants were enlightened with the need for maintenance in the road sector. The budget and finances of the RAP3 maintenance work for fiscal year 073/74 was also made transparent to the participants.