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Young Entrepreneurs

In partnership with National Academy of Science and Technology, Dhangadhi and Narayan Campus, Dailekh CONNECT has establish two Future Entrepreneurs' Clubs to create platforms that inspire youth, enable them to develop business ideas and share with broader networks to access mentoring and incubation support.  Combined, the clubs had 95 student members at the end of CONNECT's first year.

Idea Studio Nepal is a non-profit company which provides encouragement and opportunities to those who aim to transform new ideas into socially-conscious enterprises. The Idea Studio is collaboration between academia, the private sector, and the media and development sectors. With core values such as knowledge creation, social justice, social innovation, investment and promoting human dignity. Idea Studio has helped to foster employment in the country by providing assistance, resources, mentoring and investment.

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Press Release: Idea Studio Nepal - call for submissions
Press Release

Idea Studio Nepal, a collaboration between academia, the private sector, and the media and development sectors, announces the call for submissions for Season Two.

Press Release: Idea to Enterprise
External Documents

10 Entrepreneurs from the Mid and Far West of Nepal travelled to Kathmandu earlier this month for the chance to feature on the nationwide TV show, Idea Studio Season 2.

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Young Entrepreneurs in Dailekh start tapari business
by: RAP 3      on: 09 Oct, 2018

The Future Entrepreneurs' Club (FEC) at Narayan Campus, Dailekh has started a new business -  “Hariyo Paat Sabaiko Saath”. FEC members collected sal leaves (shorea robusta) and bamboo sticks from nearby forest areas to start making Tapari.

Three young entrepreneurs, members of the CONNECT Future Entrepreneurs’ Club (FEC) in Dailekh, were among participants at the YUNUS Social Business Challenge 2018 and were awarded investment of NPR 50,000 under thematic area “Food and Women” for their business plan “Hariyo Paat Sabaiko Saath”. 

The FEC members started this business with a hope to support Dailekh Bazar to become plastic free and they have big ambitons; once they have tested the market and built demand the FEC is planning to invest the prize money in a machine to scale up production.


Idea Studio Season 3 seeks applicants from Mid and Far West Districts
by: RAP 3      on: 30 Aug, 2018

RAP 3 CONNECT is supporting Idea Studio Nepal (ISN) to promote their nationwide call for business ideas in the Mid and Far West of Nepal.  Entrepreneurs are able to submit their applications for Idea Studio Season Three via RAP district offices.

In 2016, CONNECT faciliated the submission of business ideas from entrepreneurs in the Mid and Far West to Idea Studio Season Two.  In total, 208 applications were received from Mid and Far West districts of which 7 were invited to attend the incubation workshops in Kathmandu.

This year, ISN will select 24 individuals from across Nepal to receive business incubation support in Kathmandu before competing for cash prizes in the final round.

ISN is an entrepreneurship development platform that welcomes and supports new ideas, start-ups, or businesses that require expansion and investment.  Learn more about Idea Studio.

NAST FEC celebrates International Youth Day
by: RAP 3      on: 13 Aug, 2018

NAST FEC celebrated International Youth Day on 12th August, 2018 by organising a motivational panel discussion on “Innovation and Youth.” The facilitator for the event was local motivational speaker Mr. Chet Raj Pant. 70 students, including FEC members, participated in the event.

Future Entrepeneurs project profits over NPR 50,000
by: ruth      on: 02 Aug, 2018

Students at the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) have for the second year, published a calendar to sell on campus to staff and students.  The students are all members of the Future Entrepreneurs' Club (FEC) established by CONNECT in partnership with NAST and the calendar business was initiated last year by the first batch of FEC members.

Building on last year's success, the FEC have again approached local businesses to place adverts in the calendar.  The income from adverts more than covers production costs and the FEC projects profits of NPR 53,500. 


NAST Future Entrepreneurs Club appoint new Executive Committee
by: RAP 3      on: 18 Jun, 2018

The CONNECT Future Entrepreneurs' Club in Dhangadhi, established in partnership with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, has appointed a new Executive Committee.

In addition to appointing a 33 member Executive Committee including President, Thirendra Gadshila, Vice President, Sweta Thapa, Treasurer, Rajesh Kapadi and Secretary, Dev Raj Kandel 30 new members joined the club.  The Committee's first task will be to lead members to re-activate the club run business and produce a calendar ready to sell to Acamdeny staff and students at the start of the new financial year.

Future Entrepreneurs participate in business plan writing workshop
by: RAP 3      on: 04 Jun, 2018

RAP3 CONNECT have partnered with YUNUS Social Business Centre (YSBC) to deliver a business plan writing workshop for Future Entrepreneurs' Club (FEC) members in Dhangadhi.

60 FEC members are participating in the two day event, a pre curser to the YSBC Social Business Challenge. 

Read more about CONNECT FECs and YSBC Social Business Challenge.

The two day event opened with a panel discussion "fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem in regional context of Nepal" chaired by CEO of Young Innovations, Mr Bibhusan Bista.  The panel included President, Nepalese Young Entrepreneurship Forum, Mr Narottam Aryal, Principal / Executive Director, King's College, from Daraz Online Shopping, Kathamnandu, Mr Susobhan Manandhar, Principal, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Mr Shivahari Sharma Mudhbhari, local entrepreneur Mr Dinesh Bhandari and Chief Guest Mayor of Dhangadhi, Mr Nirpa Bahadur Odd

Last week 10 students from the CONNECT FEC in Dailekh attended a similar workshop in Nepalgunj, taking both first and second prize for their business plans.

Congratulations to @RAP3CONNECT Future Entrepreneurs' Club members for winning first prize at yesterday's Business Incubation workshop - more on our website -

Future Entrepreneurs' Club members win first prize for Tapari business plan
by: ruth      on: 29 May, 2018

40 students, including ten RAP3 CONNECT Future Entrepreneurs' Club members from Narayan Campus, Dailekh, participated in a business incubation workshop in Nepalgunj today.  The workshop was delivered by Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC) in collaboration with RAP3 CONNECT.

We're delighted to announce that a team of students from Narayan Campus - Hariyo paat, sabai ko sath - won first prize for their business plan for Tapari (leaf plates).  The second team from Narayan Campus developed a business model to empower single women, providing women with the raw materials to make candles and offering a basic salary plus commission. 

YSBC runs the Social Business Challenge, an incubation programme for aspiring student entrepreneurs aimed at encouraging youth to create innovative business ideas and offering incubation, facilitation and financial support.  RAP3 CONNECT has partnered with  YSBC to deliver workshops in the Mid and Far West of Nepal.

FEC members attend business workshop
by: RAP 3      on: 27 May, 2018

Members of the RAP3 CONNECT Future Entrepreneurs' Club, established in partnership with Narayan Campus, Dailekh, participated in a business workshop earlier today.  Club members came up with small business ideas and worked in groups to turn their business ideas into business plans before presenting their businesses to a panel of Narayan Campus Faculty. 


Student entrepreneurs start copy book business
by: ruth      on: 04 Apr, 2018

Students in Dailekh have started a copy book business!!  The student members of Narayan Campus Future Entrepreneurs’ Club, which was established in partnership with RAP3 CONNECT, have started selling Narayan Campus branded copy books on campus.  Students negotiated credit with a local stationery shop, purchased copy books and added Narayan Campus branding before setting up a stall on the campus to sell their product to staff and students.   

The club expects to make 500 NPR profit that they will re-invest to scale the business.

Aspiring entrepreneurs feature in latest Bikash ko bato episode
by: RAP 3      on: 05 Feb, 2018

Yesterday,  Antenna Foundation broadcast a Bikash Ko Bato episode about youth entrepeneurs, featuring members of RAP3 CONNECT's Future Entrepreneurs' Clubs in Dhangadhi and Dailekh.  In the episode you will hear why CONNECT established the clubs and the intended benefits for students and hear from club members themselves, how they have benefited from participating and their ambitions for the future.  You can read more about CONNECT's work to promote entrepreneurship here.  And, listen to the episode online:

Narayan Campus' FEC welcomes KUSOM students
by: RAP 3      on: 25 Jan, 2018

Members of the Narayan Campus Future Entrepreneurs' Club (FEC) welcomed Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) students at their campus earlier today.  Four KUSOM MBA students traveled to Dailekh to complete their Rural Enterprise Service placements, an MBA course requirement, facilitated by CONNECT. 

This cross learning event provided an opportunity for students to share their ideas for and experiences of doing business; FEC members presented their plans for a club run business and the KUSOM students shared their experience of offering consultancy services to local businesses in Dailekh.  

RAP3 Graduate Engineer, Ayasta writes about her experience on the OnePlanet MBA
by: ruth      on: 15 Jan, 2018

As part of a two way partnership with Exeter University's School of Business, RAP3 Graduate Engineer Ayasta Pokharel has taken a sabbatical to participate in the prestigious OnePlanet MBA.  In CONNECT's latest blog Ayasta writes about her experiences so far.

Our Second FEC convened its first meeting
by: RAP 3      on: 17 Sep, 2017

Our Second FEC, a partnership with Narayan Campus, Dailekh convened its first Future Entrepreneurs’ Club (FEC) meeting on 13 September 2017, chaired by the Club President, Surendra Gurung.  CONNECT District Manager, Kushal Hamal attended and facilitated a group discussion during which students discussed a range of business ideas and came up with a wish list of local business leaders whom they’d be inspired to meet. We are impressed by the enthusiasm shown by club members and delighted that they have already invited some business leaders to join their next meeting to share their experiences.

CONNECT celebrate International Youth Day
by: RAP 3      on: 13 Aug, 2017

To celebrate International Youth Day the National Academy of Science and Technology’s Future Entrepreneurs’ Club has collaborated with Prasodaya Higher Campus, Dhangadhi to organise a careers workshop.  The Club invited local business leaders, Mr Tek Raj Bhatta NIC ASIA Bank, Mr Gopi Hamal, local entrepreneur and Mr Shivhari Sharma Mudbari, NAST Principal to share their career experiences with Prasodaya Higher Campus students and, with the support of RAP3 CONNECT delivered a workshop on 'Tips to Prepare a winning CV and interview skills.' An event to both inspire students to think big when considering career paths and up-skill them, taking them a step closer to gainful employment.

Our Future Entrepeneurs' Club members in Dailekh, based in Narayan Campus, participated in a speech competition on "Youth's Role in sustainable development" organised by the Family Planning Office and Youth Club in Dailekh.