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Vegetable and Cereal Seed

Focus districts are heavily dependent on external sources of supply of seeds and there is a shortage and lack of timely supply of high quality seeds. There is high demand for quality seeds and a requirement to promote and preserve suitable drought resistant local seeds.

There is potential to build trust among subsistence farmers to cultivate a reliable supply chain and to trigger the growth of a commercial seeds industry while also developing sources to enable import substitution to meet local demand.

Business Partners:  DAFACOS and HSPC

Programme activities leverage technical talent and skilled farmers to demonstrate the commercial viability of investing in set up and scale up of the commercial production of high quality, drought resistant local seeds, to meet local and regional demand.

Achievements in F.Y. 2016 - 2017:

  • DAFACOS's downstream supply chain expanded to include Doti, Achham and Bajura
  • 314 farmers with buy back contracts with HSPC
  • 5 irrigation ponds have been completed in Malika, Dailekh enabling year round irrigation access for 159 of HSPC's downstream suppliers
  • 1 year agreement signed with Pawan Agriculture Collection Centre for supply of 154.5 kgs of seeds and with Nepal Agro Seed and Input Suppliers, Chitwan for 36.2 MT of seeds
  • HSPC completed building of a storage warehouse

Listen to Krishna Buda, a member of HSPC's downstream supply chain, talk about her experience of seed farming in Dailekh in this episode of Bikash Ko Bato.


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Seed producers in Dailekh start selling seeds, fungicides and insecticides to local farming communities
by: RAP 3      on: 18 Dec, 2018

Yuva Vayus in Dailekh have been linked with the local agrovet so they can sell seeds, fungicides and insecticides to local farming communities. Yuva Vayus purchase goods from the agrovet on 30 days credit and earn commission on sales.

The Yuva Vayus are all farmers in CONNECT partner Hatemalo Seed Promotion Cooperative's (HSPC) supply chain, and have received training from HSPC staff.  Now, in addition to sharing their new skills and knowledge with farmers in their communities, they can support the shift to commercial agriculture by selling agricultural inputs at the farm gate. 

Similarly, Yuva Vayus in Belpata Dairy Cooperative's supply chain are selling veterinary medicines to farmers in their communities, earning commission between 2 and 10%. 

Read more about how Yuva Vayus are supporting farmers to shift from subsistence to commercial agriculture.

Three irrigation ponds constructed in Dullu, Dailekh
by: ruth      on: 07 Jun, 2018

Hatemalo Seed Promotion Centre (HSPC) have, with support from RAP3 CONNECT and co-investment from Dullu Municipality and the local communities completed the construction of three irrigation ponds in Dullu, Dailekh. In total, HSPC are investing to build 4 irrigation ponds that will irrigate 8200 ha of land, benefiting 350 households. 

Last year, HSPC invested in three new ponds and repaired two others in Malika, Dailekh to the benefit of 159 farmers in their supply chain.

This access to irrigation will improve productivity of farmers’ land and strengthen HSPC’s supply chain.

HSPC procure grading machine for efficient cleaning and grading of seeds
by: ruth      on: 29 May, 2018

CONNECT partner Hatemalo Seed Promotion Cooperative (HSPC) has co-invested with RAP3 CONNECT to purchase an Agrosaw Junior III seed grading machine for the efficient cleaning and grading of seeds. 

Previously farmers manually graded the seed; a labour intensive process. This machine, with little labour input, will produce a better quality of product increasing HSPC’s competitiveness in new markets and maintaining their competitive advantage in existing markets where they have a strong reputation for quality.

Removing the necessity to manually grade seeds is important as farmers in the supply chain increase production, hence, this intervention will not only increase efficiency but is also expected to build stronger relations between HSPC and farmers.

Work starts on pond irrigation in Dullu, Dailekh
by: RAP 3      on: 18 Apr, 2018

Work has started on irrigation ponds in Dullu, Dailekh.  Hatemalo Seed Promotion Cooperative (HSPC) are investing with CONNECT, Dullu Municipality and local communities in four new irrigation ponds that will benefit farmers in HSPC’s supply chain, increasing both cultivation area and seed production.  Last year, HSPC invested in three new ponds and repaired two others in Malika, Dailekh to the benefit of 159 farmers in their supply chain.

Seed producers in Dailekh to benefit from 4 new irrigation ponds
by: RAP 3      on: 28 Mar, 2018

RAP3 CONNECT, in partnership with Hatemalo Seed Promotion Cooperative (HSPC), Dullu Municipality and the local community, are investing in the construction of 4 irrigation ponds in Dullu, Dailekh.  The ponds will benefit HSPC's downstream suppliers in Bhairav, Chipchipe, JanaSahayogi and Vinadi.  Investment committed is NPR 4.57 lakhs from HSPC with NPR 12.19 lakhs from CONNECT, NPR 6.09 lakhs from Dullu Municipality and NPR 10.62 lakhs from the local community.

Last year, HSPC along with CONNECT, District Agriculture Development Office, Village Development Committee and local communities completed 5 irrigation ponds in Malika, Dailekh (pictured).

Yuva Vayus in Dailekh attend pest management training
by: RAP 3      on: 12 Jan, 2018

CONNECT partner Hatemalo Seed Promotion Cooperative (HSPC) has been delivering training to Yuva Vayus in their supply chain.  HSPC delivered training on seed and vegetable production best practice, disease and pest management and vegetable seed management.  Yuva Vayus are expected to lead by example, implementing their new learning and sharing best practices with seed producers in the farmer groups they represent.

Read more about Yuva Vayus.

Seed producers in Dailekh insure their crops
by: RAP 3      on: 08 Dec, 2017

Seed prodcuers in Dailekh plan to insure their crops, benefiting from the Government of Nepal subsidised scheme.  CONNECT is supporting farmers to submit applictations to Everest Insurance and expects reaching subsidised insurance to farmers to reduce risks significantly and further encourage them to increase production.

New buyers added to HSPC’s supply chain
by: RAP 3      on: 21 Sep, 2017

Our partner Hatemalo Seed Promotion Centre (HSPC) have signed a new contract with their existing supplier SEAN Seed Service Centre with CONNECT’s support, HSPC successfully negotiated a contract for 7,500 kg including 6,000 kg pea, 1,000 kg onion and 500 kg cress, convincing SEAN that their expanded supply chain could meet demand. Additionally, they have signed with two new buyers, Everest Agro Seed Centre and Kathmandu Agro Concern for 2,400 kg and 300 kg respectively. With these vegetable seed contracts in place, HSPC can continue to grow their downstream supply chain with confidence.