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Poultry retailer, Shobha Traders and Order Suppliers

Small commercial poultry businesses in Doti struggle to achieve sustainability due to low economies of scale yet there is unmet demand.  With modest support some of these businesses have the potential to achieve higher profits and contribute to import substitution, meeting local and regional demand.

Shobha Traders and Order Suppliers (STOS) is wholesaler and retailer of chicken, mutton, eggs and vegetables.  CONNECT has committed to co-invest with STOS to expand it's poultry business by strenghening down stream supply chains in one of CONNECT's core districts, Doti and supporting the introduction of dry chicken meat a new, value add, product line for STOS.

Programme activities reduce risks associated with poultry farming by establishing  commercially viable relationships between input suppliers, poultry farmers, traders and financial institutions.

Significant milestones achieved in F.Y. 2016 - 2017 include:

  • 20 poultry farmers with buy back contracts
  • Growth in STOS's retail sales (kg) by 16% year-on-year
  • 94 MT of chicken feed supplied at subsidised rates
  • Production facility for chicken sukuti set-up and 35 kgs sold to date


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