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Jumli Beans

Aastha General Store & Suppliers

Jumla produces 4500 tonnes of organic dried red beans from a unique local variety but organic farmers struggle to achieve sustainability due to poor access to niche organic markets and the inability to realise fair prices. 

This is a unique pilot exploring the synergy between CONNECT, the private sector and the Government of Nepal in exporting organic Jumli beans.  CONNECT and the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) have jointly agreed to support the expansion of organic clusters for Jumla's famous Jumli beans.  Aastha General Store & Suppliers (AGS) has committed to co-invest with CONNECT in certification, production, grading, packaging and marketing of Jumli beans by strengthening down stream supply chains in Jumla.

With modest support commercial farmers have the potential to procure organic certification, discover markets, and become profitable, improving the local economy.

Significant wins in F.Y. 2016 - 2017 include:

  • 727 farmers with buy back contracts
  • BBSM placed Jumli beans in 12 of its stores at NPR 154 and Saleway's is selling Jumli beans in 5 Kathmandu stores at NPR 155
  • BBSM has confirmed a second order of beans to AGS


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Jumli Bean retailer invests in grading machine
by: RAP 3      on: 04 Apr, 2018

RAP3 CONNECT have been working with Aastha General Store (AGS), Jumla to build their supply chain, sourcing retail markets and encouraging long term agreements.  AGS recently purchased a grading machine that will improve the quality of their product, increase brand value and strengthen their relationship with buyers such as Bhatbhateni.

Bhatbhateni sign MOU with Aastha General Store
by: ruth      on: 26 Dec, 2017

Bhatbhateni Foods have signed an MOU committing to place orders for Jumli Beans with CONNECT partner, Aastha General Store.  Managing Director of Bhatbhateni Foods, Mr Anil Gurung signed the MOU last week. We expect the first delivery of beans under this new agreement to arrive in Kathmandu in January.