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Jumla district is situated in the Karnali zone of the Mid-Western Development Region. The district is bordered by Dolpa district in the East, Kalikot district in the west, Mugu district in the north and Jajarkot district in the south. 

According to the National Census 2011, the total population of the district is 107695 comprising 54,099 (50.5%) female and 53,596 (49.5%) male with in 19,303 households. This district has an average population density of approximately 43 people per square km. The average family size is 5.9.  Life expectancy of 54 years. The average literacy rate is approximately 51%.

Year One Results

  • 8,000 kg of Jumli bean sales to national retail markets (AGS)
  • 52 Hamri Didis activated



Case Studies

No case studies available at this moment!