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Yuva Vayus renew contracts between farmers and the businesses they supply
by: RAP 3      on: 20 Feb, 2018

Yuva Vayus, CONNECT's response to the traditional social mobiliser, have been working with CONNECT field staff in Dailekh to renew contracts between downstream suppliers and the businesses they supply. 

Yuva Vayus (YVs) are members of the Micro-Business Clusters (MBCs) that make up MSME Partners’ downstream supplier networks. They are high potential individuals who have volunteered to take a leadership role in mobilizing, activating, energizing and nurturing their MBCs for long term economic growth. You can learn more about Yuva Vayus here.

There are currently 147 YVs in Dailekh, across three of CONNECT's MSME partners' supply chains - Belpata Dairy Co-operative, Hatemalo Seed Promotion Coo-operative and Pawan Agriculture Collection Centre.   The YVs conduct regular meetings with farmers in their MBCs, act as a point of contact between the businesses and farmers and disseminate the training they receive to other farmers in their MBCs. 

We expect YVs to lead the contract renewal process next year as they cement their role as leaders and as a link between their MBCs and the businesses they supply.

Yuva Vayus in Dailekh graduate level two
by: RAP 3      on: 14 Feb, 2018

Yuva Vayus (YVs) in Pawan Agriculture Collection Centre (PACC) and Belpata Dairy Cooperative's (BDC) supply chains have graduated to level 2 having completed training, increased their production and maintained regular contact with farmers in their MBCs and the businesses they supply.

In addition to principles of MBC management PACC YVs recevied training on production of seasonal and off-seasonal vegetables, pest management and control, and vegetable marketing and management and BDC YVs received training on quality milk production, shed maintenance, and marketing of milk.


Aspiring entrepreneurs feature in latest Bikash ko bato episode
by: RAP 3      on: 05 Feb, 2018

Yesterday,  Antenna Foundation broadcast a Bikash Ko Bato episode about youth entrepeneurs, featuring members of RAP3 CONNECT's Future Entrepreneurs' Clubs in Dhangadhi and Dailekh.  In the episode you will hear why CONNECT established the clubs and the intended benefits for students and hear from club members themselves, how they have benefited from participating and their ambitions for the future.  You can read more about CONNECT's work to promote entrepreneurship here.  And, listen to the episode online: