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Bhatbhateni sign MOU with Aastha General Store
by: ruth      on: 26 Dec, 2017

Bhatbhateni Foods have signed an MOU committing to place orders for Jumli Beans with CONNECT partner, Aastha General Store.  Managing Director of Bhatbhateni Foods, Mr Anil Gurung signed the MOU last week. We expect the first delivery of beans under this new agreement to arrive in Kathmandu in January.

Unilever Nepal Limited continues to appoint Hamri Didis in the Mid and Far West
by: RAP 3      on: 08 Dec, 2017

RAP3 CONNECT is partnering with Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL) to provide income generating opportunites to women in the Mid and Far West of Nepal.  To date 393 women have been appointed as Hamri Didis, 286 of them are trading with a combined billed value to date of NPR 5,153,312.

Seed producers in Dailekh insure their crops
by: RAP 3      on: 08 Dec, 2017

Seed prodcuers in Dailekh plan to insure their crops, benefiting from the Government of Nepal subsidised scheme.  CONNECT is supporting farmers to submit applictations to Everest Insurance and expects reaching subsidised insurance to farmers to reduce risks significantly and further encourage them to increase production.

Newly appointed Yuva Vayus in Dullu receive training
by: RAP 3      on: 01 Dec, 2017

The CONNECT team in Dailekh, Kushal Hamal and Birsha Nepali alongside Bhawana Dairy Chairperson, Tulsi Regmi delivered training on cost of production, price setting, sales strategy and RAP3's Code of Conduct to 6 Yuva Vayus (YV) in Dullu. 

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CONNECT's partner Belpata Dairy Co-operative (BDC) has recently expanded their downstream supply chain to Dullu, in partnership with Bhawana Dairy.  The newly appointed Yuva Vayus are in-community volunteers that will lead the farmer groups within BDC's expanded supply chain.