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NAST to be home to CONNECT's first Future Entrepreneurs' Club
by: RAP 3      on: 27 Feb, 2017

To promote youth entrepreneurship, CONNECT is partnering with colleges to establish satellite business incubation centres and Future Entrepreneurs’ Clubs (FECs).  The first FEC was established in partnership with the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Dhangadhi this week.

The clubs will serve as forums for peer to peer learning, mentoring and for students to hear success stories from the region and wider. 

64 NAST students have joined the FEC demonstrating huge enthusiasm for new learning and skill enhancing opportunities.  Their hunger to make connections and their high expectations of CONNECT supporting them to grow their knowledge base further inspires us in our enabling environment work. 

Meet our Yuva Vayus
by: RAP 3      on: 26 Feb, 2017

The CONNECT team have been in Achham, Dailkeh and Doti this week to meet some of our Yuva Vayus (a Nepali word that translates as Youth Wind in English).  

CONNECT Yuva Vayus are in-community volunteers.  They are all women hungry for change, ambitious for self, family and community and are currently actively engaged in the supply chains of CONNECT's partners.  Replacing traditional social mobilisers they have been selected by their communities to take on leadership roles mobilising, energising and shepherding the farmer clusters they belong to.  

This intervention is giving hundreds of women an opportunity to build their confidence and increase their voice and agency within the communities they live.

Financing agreed for 5 irrigation ponds in Malika, Dailekh
by: RAP 3      on: 16 Feb, 2017

CONNECT has pulled together multiple stakeholders as co-investors and signed MOUs with five seed producer groups in Mailka, Dailkeh for the construction of five irrigation ponds.   The ponds are expected to increase production and improve seed quality.  The local producer groups that will benefit from the irrigation infrastructure are in CONNECT MSME partner Hatemalo's downstream supply chain.  Together they have committed NPR 895,642 in cash and in kind to complete the construction.  Additional financial support has been leveraged from DADO (NPR 200,000), VDC (NPR 68,000) and a local cooperative (NPR 100,000).  CONNECT is investing NPR 1,065,000.  The ponds will store excess water when it is abundant so it can be distributed during drought.  Water stored in this way can be fed to the entire farm without pumps or electricity. 

33 Hamri Didis invest over NPR400,000 to start trading
by: ruth      on: 06 Feb, 2017

A further 17 Hamri Didis have started trading.  This takes the total number of women acting as Unilever sales agents in CONNECT districts to 33.  Between them these 33 Hamri Didis have invested over NPR400,000.  Read more about Hamri Didis

DFID visit to Shobha Traders and Order Suppliers, Doti
by: ruth      on: 06 Feb, 2017

Dr Suman Baidya, DFID Nepal was in Doti last month where he visited Shobha Traders and Order Suppliers (STS) to see their recently established sukuti production facility. STS, with support from CONNECT, is entering the sukuti business as a solution to the variable market price of fresh chicken meat. The first batches of STS sukuti were produced earlier this month. Dr Baidya also took time to meet 10 MBA students from Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) as they arrived in Doti to start their 3 week Rural Enterprise Service (RES) placements, facilitated by CONNECT.