Income Generation Support (1st November 2013 - 31st January 2016)

RAP3 used a Market Systems Development approach to identify market constraints; clarify the roles of different market functions and stakeholders; and address the causes of weak performance in each district or market area.

SED actively addressed challenges to productivity such as out-migration, gender inequalities and limited livelihood choices. The approach focuses on better access to markets; promotes new and viable livelihoods choices; reduces food insecurity; improves health; and promotes household savings and investment.

Typically, income generation will include enterprise development; commercial agriculture and high value commodities; improved market information systems; access to financial services; skills transfer and capacity building; disaster risk reduction and adapting to climate change.

RAP3 used Information Communications Technologies (ICTs) to support our income generation and market systems programme. And where appropriate we used demonstration sub-projects to develop new technologies or to introduce proven technologies in new areas.