Krishna is supporting members of her farmer group to shift to commercial agriculture

Publish Date: 
January, 2019

Krishna Budha is a seed producer and Yuva Vayu in RAP3 CONNECT partner Hatemalo Seed Promotion Cooperative’s supply chain. 

Krishna lives with her husband in Taulibari, Tallo Dungeshwor, Dailekh.  Her elder son is in Dailekh studying agriculture. She says proudly, “my son wants to help me in agriculture and seed production that’s why he is determined in studying agriculture. He doesn’t want to leave me or his home and go abroad like most lads in Dailekh do. He wants to invest his life in agriculture as I have.”

Krishna has been working in agriculture for as long as she can remember. Like most women in her community she was involved in agriculture from an early age; the daily chores of the house, including agriculture being the responsibility of women.

Krishna didn’t complete her education and she is very proud that she has been able to sustain her family, provide proper education to her children, serve as President of her seed farmers group and become a Yuva Vayu despite being illiterate.

Yuva Vayus (YVs) are CONNECT’s response to traditional social mobilisers.  A network of women, within our CONNECT partners’ supply chains, that are leading by example and building the capacity of the farmers’ within their communities to shift to commercial. 

As a Yuva Vayu, Krishna has received training on record keeping, pest management, cropping patterns, efficient water use techniques, quality seed production and cost of production & minimum viable price.

She has helped with the renewal of contracts between Hatemalo and farmer groups and supported the transition to production of higher value and hybrid seed varieties.

Krishna believes that with training and understanding of seed grading seed farmers can efficiently produce quality seeds in larger quantities. 

HSPC have invested in infrastructure with support from RAP3 and the local government, constructing 8 irrigation ponds to the benefit of all 509 farmers in their supply chain.   

Krishna’s farmer group, like others in HSPC’s supply chain, have significantly increased their income from seed production, a result of increased production and the higher value seeds they are able to produce thanks to the pond irrigation. 

Krishna’s passion for the production of seeds and agriculture is very inspiring. She is active, self-driven and confident.  Krishna advocates about the profitability and the necessity of quality seed production. She strongly believes that instead of importing seeds, farmers should be capable enough to produce seeds themselves.

She says, "If every seed farmer honestly works on seed production the scenario of agriculture will change in Dailekh.” She believes that seeds are the source of life and they must be planted and harvested sincerely if they want proper results.

By sharing her skills and knowledge with farmers in her community Krishna is supporting the shift to commercial agriculture and sustainable household incomes.

And now Krishna, and other Yuva Vayus in HSPC’s supply chain, have been linked with a local agrovet so they can earn commission selling seeds, fungicides and insecticides to local farming communities offering a new source of income.