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RAP3 Graduate reflects on her experience on the Exeter University OnePlanet MBA.

Ayasta Pokhrel, RAP3 Graduate Engineer and OnePlanet MBA student

My One Planet MBA journey began one late June afternoon when the then RAP3 CONNECT TL, Subhashini Chandran spoke with me about CONNECT's collaboration with an incredible MBA programme, Exeter University's OnePlanet MBA, and suggested I had a look. Anxious to know more, I reserached the programme and realised what an incredible opportunity had knocked on my door – an opportunity to apply to be a part of a prestigious programme that had the future of the world, something I am very passionate about, ingrained in it. I was also terrified by the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone into a new world. Nevertheless, the prospect of learning new ideas that could bring about positive change encouraged me to go forward.  

Time flew quickly from there and sooner than I can comprehend, I was heading towards Exeter – a small but beautiful city in the English countryside. Unsure about what to expect, I joined my cohort for the first day of class. It was amazing to meet a class of 42 people representing 23 countries! Not only diverse in culture, I found myself amongst people from completely different professions. For an engineer who has always been surrounded by more engineers it was overwhelming. But, it meant there was so much to learn, just from the experiences of others.  

As the days commenced, I realised the full magnitude of this opportunity. Every week I was introduced to a new module, a new challenge and at the end of each I took away important lessons. Fast forward to last week and we're developing new business models – I am  developing a model that will help farmers secure better wages.

The learning curve has gone well beyond the expectations I had when I started this journey, improving me as a person and changing my insight. This leaves me immensely thankful to all those who have helped make my participation in this MBA programme possible. It has been quite a learning experience and I look forward to more enlightenment.