Introducing the Rural Access Programme (RAP), Nepal

Conceived in 1999 as a comprehensive poverty alleviation programme, UK Aid-funded RAP used the construction of transport infrastructure as an entry point for improving the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people in remote areas of Nepal – communities with limited access to goods and social services.

In its third stage, RAP’s implementation involved construction of tracks, trails and roads using labour-intensive, environmentally sound and climate resilient methods; alongside complementary socio-economic interventions. Besides the evident benefits of improved access, RAP generated significant employment in rural areas, especially for women.

RAP3 closed on 30th June 2019 and its website is no longer active.

RAP 3 – Building on past successes

Following effective completion of the design and initial implementation phase (RAP 1) and further implementation phase (RAP2), RAP 3 built upon what already had been achieved while drawing new focus from lessons learned. Specifically, RAP3 was concerned with improving asset management of the local road network (LRN) and economic infrastructure; short term employment creation and longer term income generation; capacity and institutional development; and disaster resilience. RAP 3 actively addressed issues identified in earlier phases by:

  • Focusing on the poorest districts in the West of Nepal;
  • Using sustainable asset management to promote community resilience;
  • Working closely with government partners – building capacity within both the public and private sector;
  • Adopting a pragmatic approach to project implementation – recognising that different districts have different needs which require different kinds of support.

IMC Worldwide Ltd was appointed by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to manage RAP3 on its behalf. IMC has managed each successive phase of RAP since programme design began in 1999.

RAP Awards

  • Winner of the British Expertise Award for best Non-physical Project 2019
  • Winner of the ACE Consulting and Engineering Awards 2018 - Social Impact Champion of the Year Award.
  • Winner of the ACE Consulting and Engineering Awards 2017 - Collaboration Champion.
  • Winner of the ACE Research, Studies and Consulting Advisory Engineering Excellence Award 2015.
  • Winner of the Institution of Civil Engineers Edmund Hambly Medal 2014.
  • Winner of the ACE Awards 2014.
  • Winner of the British Expertise Outstanding International Development Project 2014.
  • Winner of the ACE Centenary Engineering Excellence Awards 2013.
  • Winner of the International Road Federation 2009 Global Roads Achievement for Advocacy Award.

 RAP Brochure